1. D

    Potterton Performa 24

    We're having issues with the pressure on our Potterton Performa 24 boiler, it currently stands at zero. When the water is turned on it goes up to 0.2 absolute max. We're having issues getting hot water in our bathroom because of this. I'm attaching a picture of our pipes - I've marked the two...
  2. J

    Quick fix! Boiler loss of pressure - filling tubes no valves?

    Hello I have no pressure in my boiler and know I need to open the valves of the filling loop to pressurise the system but I have no valves on it and it’s not an easy unscrew system either. Turning the valves to the top of the copper pipes does nothing either
  3. J

    Boiler pressure dropping so it cuts off once a day

    Hi all Noticed the condenser pipe had come out of the bottom of our boiler a couple of days ago so switched the boiler off for a day and then realised it was an easy fix so pushed the pipe back into place. When I put the boiler back on again I noticed the pressure was low so opened the valves...
  4. SpaghettiCat

    How to repressurise strange boiler?

    Hello, I have a Worcester Greenstar 25Si Combi MK IV boiler. Neither this model's manual nor all the Youtube tutorials on how to increase a boiler's pressure seem to correspond to what this boiler actually looks like: there is no slot for a filling link key, there is no keyless filling link blue...
  5. McCabe

    Low pressure veissmann 100 Boiler.

    Hi folks, Im having problems topping up my boiler. I have read some of the other posts on the forum and thought I found the loop on the boiler but pressure wont shift. Here are the pipes, I am actually in italy. Not sure if that is the issue and pipes are set up different. But definitely cant...
  6. W

    Pressure limiter

    Can anyone recommend a pressure limiter to use with a water softener? The instructions say if the pressure is above 5 bar, limit it to 3.5 bar. I've told the plumber several times but he hasn't done it so I plan to buy it and give it to him to fit the next time he visits. Thanks
  7. R

    Combi boiler won't start after bleeding rads

    So I just had the heating system drained by a plumber to replace a UFH mixer valve, he filled it back up and left in a hurry. I ran the heating to see if it worked OK and noticed all the radiators upstairs were only half full. I turned the heating off and bled them. I tried running the heating...
  8. V

    High Pressure - Is there air trapped in the system?

    Hello I have a Worcester condensing boiler and recently changed the towel rail in the bathroom. I filled up the new towel rail and then topped up the boiler a little to return the pressure to normal. However, now when I run the boiler the pressure goes up high to 3 bar. So I bled the...
  9. J

    Using a standard shower pump for the whole house

    I have a gravity fed system which consists of a cold water storage tank in the loft and a hot water tank on the ground floor in an airing cupboard. The hot water pressure on the ground floor in the kitchen and toilet is decent, which is expected as the water has a longer drop from the loft. On...
  10. J

    Combi system losing pressure

    Has anyone known a Grant 26 combi (external) to leak internally into the flame chamber? For the approx four weeks, every morning the boiler has lost all it's pressure. I refill the system to 1.2 bar, and it kicks back in, and works fine - rads toasty warm and hot water is hot! This may last two...
  11. C

    No central heating on BAXI DUO-TEC COMBI 24 HE

    Hello everyone, My home has a BAXI DUO-TEC COMBI 24 HE. The radiators won't heat up even though the boiler is showing a green light saying they are running. The hot water is still working though. I've tried bleeding radiators and then pressurising the boiler after but I still have the same...
  12. R

    venting soil stack through a wall?

    I have a soil stack in my attic that I discovered is open. I fitted a Durgo AAV but this caused gases to build up and leak out from the bath p trap. I took the Durgo off and the smell stopped. So I'm thinking I need to vent the soil stack externally. My roof is asymmetrical, it rises to the top...
  13. F

    Combi boiler with 2 showers at once - enough power?

    I am currently using a system boiler (Ideal Mexico Super 2) and water tank, which is about 30 years old. I'm looking to replace this with a Viessmann 100-W (B1KF) 32Kw combi. I was wondering would I be likely to see a significant difference if 2 showers run at once? I'd like to avoid needing to...
  14. D

    Mixer tap turns on by itself

    I have a combi boiler driven heating system and a mixer tap in the shower, the one with temperature control knob. After a shower, when I turn off the tap, it doesn't go to zero position but the water stops completely at say 30/100 position (100= fully open). Then after few hours, mostly in the...
  15. L

    Boiler pressure cold tap not working problem

    Hi everyone, I went to top up my Logic S15 boiler earlier as the pressure gauge was at zero. I’d done this before so I knew to expect to hear rushing water through the pipes when i turned the valve, but I heard nothing. I unscrewed the filling loop because i thought that might be the issue, but...
  16. D

    Electric shower not receiving full power

    Hi, so recently my electric shower started running lukewarm at settings where it would usually run nice and hot. To get it to run hot, it has to be turned to higher settings, but with that, the water pressure drops significantly. I’ve also noticed that the half power light is no longer lit...
  17. K

    How to increase pressure in potterton boiler.

    Hi, The pressure on my boiler is low and has error E118. I don’t see any filling loop under the boiler but there’s is one near the unvented indirect cylinder. Does anybody now how I guy about adding pressure? thanks .
  18. M

    Pressure washer backflow preventer?

    I just bought my first pressure washer and in reading the manual it has a dire warning about not connecting it to the regular water supply without a specialist backflow preventer. I did a lot of research before I finally bought a washer and this is the first I've heard of this. Is it something...
  19. V

    Maaasive expansion tank

    Hi All I have just moved into a new house in deepest west Wales. It is a recently converted old farm house. It is a modest sized house with about a dozen radiators. The plumbing is relatively quite new (about 10 years). In the corner of our utility room the is an absolutely huge pressure vessel...
  20. M

    Water pressure apartment building

    Hi, I have recently moved into a new build apartment block (the building was completed in 2018). I live on a fifth floor and the water pressure here is pretty bad. The block has a communal central boiler and all apartments have water pressure valves/gauges on the main cold water pipe marked as...