1. LuigiXL

    Combi Boiler.. Under pressure!

    Hi all! I live in a flat on the first floor of a converted house. About six months ago i had a combi boiler installed to replace an old failing boiler. Recently the boiler will occasionally fail to fire up to due to the pressure dropping to 0.. This normally happens if I am away for a night or...
  2. H

    Combi system slowly losing pressure

    Six months ago we had the open vented central heating system (powered by back boiler) in our 3-bedroom semi renewed. We had a Vaillant ecotec plus 831 combi boiler put in the kitchen, and this works very well apart from the pressure issue described here. At the same time all the radiators were...
  3. B

    Viessman VITODENS 111-W Pressure Dropping.

    Hello, I was hoping you could help me identify what is causing the problem with my Viessman Combi Boiler. It is a Viessman VITODENS 111-W. Type B1LA. Gas condensing and storage Combi Boiler. The Pressure drops to below 1 bar (Pre determined cut off point) and the boiler refuses to turn on. So i...
  4. G

    Vokera Combi Losing Pressure

    Hi I have a Vokera Mynute 14e combi boiler. We recently had a problem whereby the radiators would get hot if the hot water was on, so we had the heating on full blast during the summer if we wanted hot water. This was diagnosed as being two electronic valves on the pipes coming out of the...
  5. E

    Re-pressurising boiler

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help, I used to have to re-pressurise our boiler every few months which was fine, last year when we had the pump replaced the plumber changed a couple of other bits around as well and I forgot to ask about the pressurising procedure. Attached are some photos of...
  6. L

    Replace silver flexi hose on expansion vessel

    I noticed water coming out of a light socket on floor below where water tank and expansion vessels are. Looking in the cupboard it was obvious to see the silver flexi hose that connects one of two expansion vessels was leaking and judging by the amount of water on the floor it had for a day or...
  7. WilliamBJanas

    Low pressure on electric shower

    Hello, We are in a 3 floor new build property. The top floor bathroom has an electric shower which is always at pretty low pressure, and drops below the cut out level when any otherp tap in the house is open, making the shower unusable. I was wondering if it is possible to fit a booster...
  8. M

    Remeha Avanta boiler - pressure quickly goes from very low to very high

    Hi everyone, I had my bathroom suite replaced over the summer, including a new bath, shower, pump etc etc. Since the work had been completed I had noticed that the pressure in my Remeha Aventa condensing boiler seems to go from very low (less than 0.5 bar) to very high (~2.5 bar) quite...