1. Alz2k

    Worcester 28i has no internal filling loop?

    Hey guys, I'm stuck with an issue regarding the level of pressure that my boiler has. I've been looking around to see how I could fix this issue, and it came down to me needing a filling loop. However, whilst being confused and frustrated for a straight hour of not knowing what I had to do, it...
  2. Milalolli

    Boiler pressure low - range tribune He

    Hey guys I woke up with no hot water and I tried researching online but I can't seem to find a solution to my problem. I will attach some photos but I believe the pressure is down and it needs increasing. Can anyone suggest what I could do?
  3. M

    Pressure through flexible pipe

    I'm plumbing in the pipework for our bathroom, all 15mm copper for a standard bathroom (toilet, basin, bath & shower, all fed from mains / combi boiler). For the last part, connecting the bathroom pipework up to the hot & cold feed, I was thinking of using this...
  4. M

    Annual Vaillant boiler F.75 error

    Hi, I find myself asking for help again with pressure issues on my Vaillant ecoTEC plus 637 system boiler. This seems to be an annual problem! A few weeks ago, my boiler was serviced and last week I awoke to a cold house and a F.75 error. I let more water in and the boiler, CH and hot water...
  5. J

    Boiler Temp Very Low - No Heating Or Hot Water

    I'm completely unexperienced with all of this, but am hoping for some help here before I have to call someone out.. I have a Viessmann Vitodens 100-W WB1B boiler (pictured) which, as of last night, has dropped to a temperature of between 11 and 13 degrees, leaving me without heating or hot...
  6. JinxyK

    Having problems restoring boiler pressure

    Hey guys! I'm pretty noob with all boiler associated issues. But I still thought it would be a good idea to bleed the heaters on my own. And so I did, but now I am having trouble restoring the pressure. It is now at 0 and every time I try to increase it to 1 water starts flowing through the...
  7. S

    Boiler pressure 3 bar.

    Hi all, I have a Vaillant thermocompact 628E, the pressure was around 0.6 bar (It should be around 1.0) so I filled it from the filling loop to around the number 1. Afterwards, I've noticed when the rads come on, the pressure on the boiler goes over the red line after the number 3, causing the...
  8. S

    Valliant EcoTec Pro 28 - Pressure tops out

    Hi, i think i may have the answer from other posts, but nothing specific to my issue so want to confirm before calling a tech. Boiler over 5yrs old Cold Pressure set 1.2 Water temp - 60c Heating temp - 60c no noticeable issues with water Heating - comes on and heats up, but soon stops Pressure...
  9. aehope1991

    Help - cant work out how to increase Ideal Independent C24 boiler pressure

    Hi, the water pressure on my ideal Independent C24 boiler had dropped to about 0.5 and so we have low pressure and intermittent hot water. This happened about a year ago and I managed to fix it by following a thread on here but I have no idea how I did it and haven't been able to find a thread...
  10. K

    Worcester 24i Junior pressure adjust

    Hi, I've got this oldish boiler and the pressure drops down below the 1 now and then, I had a newer one in another property which was easy to increase the pressure, but not sure on this one.... any idea?
  11. R

    Valiant ecotec Pro 28 F.22

    Hi all, My mother has the boiler listed above and the F.22 error has happened. I understand that this means the pressure is low, but I have no idea how to reset it. I have checked videos, however non match the setup we have: Any tips? Or am I going to have to call a plumber?
  12. B

    Slight Water pressure drop upstairs only?

    Any ideas what this could be? Over past week, we have had a pressure drop from (mixer) Tap in Bathroom? Have checked with Water board, and nothing out of the ordinary and they asked me to check the water pressure coming into the house via downstairs Kitchen Cold tap. All seems normal... it...
  13. B

    Kitchen tap cold water pressure too high.

    My kitchen tap had a little wire mesh aerator/filter thing fitted to it (inside the nozzle) but it made the water flow too "smooth" and silent. I couldn't hear the hot water running and I was afraid that I would let sink overflow so I removed it and discarded it. I am now finding that the cold...
  14. T

    Vokera Excell 80sp no hot water

    I have a Vokera Excell 80sp combi boiler. For the last couple of days the hot water has been firing up initially when the tap's turned on and then running cold. I checked the pressure gauge and it was at zero so i topped up the boiler using the filler loop, which seemed to get the pressure back...
  15. T

    Small flat replumb, mains & cold water storage tank - which supplies to use?

    Hi All, I'd really appreciate some enlightenment with this. My wife and I bought a flat which is at the top of a council block and it's in a really bad way and was clearly plumbed and wired by cowboys, we are gutting it and will be re-plumbing it. I'm trying to picture the desired general...
  16. Cheejy

    Prv Install Location?

    Thermostatic bath mixer has started throwing out luke warm water on the hottest setting, I've been told its a pressure issue so I'm going to try and install a PRV on the cold water feed. Can anyone advise me on a suitable location to install the PRV? Next to the boiler where the cold feed...
  17. B

    A combi-shower

    Hello all I've read lots of posts, the things that normally get asked I think I can say up looking for an opinion on whether it will be worth installing a second shower in a new bathroom (which will become the primary shower - the electric one will be for the kids/backup). So - for...
  18. A

    boiler rising in pressure

    Hi all I know this has been done many times and I've searched the forum and found some excellent info. But with this one I'm a little confused. The pressure set on the boiler starts at 1 bar and rises as the central heating gets going to 3 bar plus. (if I have the boiler set very low I can keep...
  19. Miggi

    Main 18 HE gurgling

    Hi all. I have an issue with the above boiler upon firing up. The unit gurgles and only stays on for 5 minutes then flashes up with Air Pressure Switch failure. It does this 3 times before Locking out. I can resolve this by draining the Condensation trap for some reason which is External to...
  20. T

    Ideal 24 independent boiler pressure

    Hi all, this question has come up before but unfortunately I couldn't solve my issue from reading it! My pressure is down and I don't know how to repressurise. The manual helpfully simply tells you to do it. All YouTube videos refer to the filling loop which as far as I can see I don't have as...