cable protection

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    Disconnect electric shower

    Hi there, I've recently renovated my bathroom including removing the old 10.5kw electric shower. The cable is still in place as impossible to remove. The cable from shower to isolator is disconnected and the mcb is switched off (taped down so no one switches on). When you test it the earth wire...
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    Can someone please advise what are these in the wall? (GALV. CAPPING?)

    Hi, I am moving switch (as shown in the picture) from left to right. As I was chasing the wall I have found these metal plates which looks like capping. But not 100% what it is. The middle one does looks like metail cap for cabels but the one in the left and one in the right doesnt have any...
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    Stick cable to skirting board and balcony door step

    Hi everyone! Newbie here, still getting to grips with DIY! I have an ethernet cable that I need to pass from one side of the room to the other. I read about cable clips and trunking, but there is a balcony door on the side of the room I need to run the cable through. The first picture attached...
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    How proud should back box be from face of thermalite? (etc)

    1. I need to sink a back box into a new thermalite wall before render/skim go on. Approx. how thick will the render/skim be? (how far proud of thermalite face should I set the box?) 2. What is that plastic cable protection that goes under the render called? Is it still legal? The image shows a...