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    Fused switched spur with flex outlet - can it be an inlet?

    Hi, Just want to know if a fused switched spur with flex outlet (similar to this - ) can be used with the flex outlet as an inlet? I plan to power a CCTV camera that will be outdoors by drilling straight through the wall and fitting...
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    Extending Cooker Cable

    We're putting in a new kitchen, and we want to move the cooker. The current cooker switch (with single socket) is about 1m diagonally away from the connection plate box, that has the ignition for the hob and the cooker wired currently wired into. I want to move the cooker (Beko QBSE223SX, 16A...
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    Running new cables behind plasterboard...

    Hello In my home there is one ring main that mostly runs under the floor upstairs, and then loops down behind the dot and dab plasterboard to each socket downstairs. I'd like to extend the ring and add a socket in the kitchen. So I was wondering how easy it would be to patch into the ring...
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    External BT junction box

    I recently cut back a hedge at the boundary of my property and uncovered this BT-branded junction box: The reason it has a cut black wire coming out of it is, I think, because this house used to be the show home for the development (15 years ago), and there was an office in the garage during...
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    Help - kitchen move to another room - Utilities

    Hi, I am looking to relocate my kitchen to another adjacent room of the house for a better layout and to create a utility in the adjacent rear half of the garage. The question i have is the kitchen is in the original part of the house and the new location is in a later built extension, how...
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    New electrical cables in wall not in conduit

    I've noticed in our new extension that some cables are in conduit (the white oval plastic tubing) while others are not. It seems they are not in the conduit when they are within stud walls. Is this correct? Photos attached.
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    Ethernet cables through ceiling & joists or cavity wall

    Hello, I wasn't sure how to categorise this question so feel free to move it into more suitable sub-forum. I'm looking for some advice. I'd like to route some (7-8) CAT6 Ethernet cables from downstairs living room (router) to the upstairs bedrooms. Most of the cables will be used for...