1. bettz1

    How to Turn beep off Candy dishwasher

    Hi hoping someone can help. We've a Candy CDI 1LS38S and at the end of the cycle it constantly beeps and then beeps every 15 mins. Is there a way to turn his off as we put the dishwasher on overnight nad it's driving me and the dog mad! For some reason our poor dogs become terried of the beeping.
  2. G

    Candy E08

    Hi I have a Candy Grand Vita Model: GVS169DC3 Just over a year old with 300hrs on the clock. When attempting to run a cycle, it will fill and drain without the drum turning, and shows E08 at the end. Ran the diagnostic and it also shows E08 at the end. I'm presuming it's unlikely to be the...
  3. A

    Candy Dishwasher CDI 1LS38S-80/T

    Hello I have recently moved into a new turn-key house and they have a Candy Dishwasher CDI 1LS38S-80/T installed. I have added salt and turned it on. I have selected an Eco Wash and hit express and hit start but no matter what I hit it always activates a 3 hour delay and wont start straight...
  4. janieJones123

    Washing machine belt running on back of wheel

    I have a Candy Grand O washing machine that I have had for about 10 years now. Recently the belt has started to slip off the wheel. This morning it happened for the second time. I have got the belt back on but I noticed that it runs on the back of the wheel, no matter how much I try to guide...
  5. R

    candy cdcf 6 error

    Hello everyone. I have a problem with the dishwasher candy cdcf 6. When I turn on the dishwasher, LED keeps blinking in the glass state. I also hear a beep every 30 seconds. Maybe someone has faced with this problem? Thanks for any reply.
  6. S

    Candy Dishwasher 2515 stuck on P1

    So I have this dishwasher (actually I have 4 of them) that is stuck on P1 and keeps flashing and beeping... it runs, it stops sometimes it runs for 2 minutes sometimes it runs all night long. If I try to change the program it immediately gos back to P1. I am a mechanical engineer so I pulled it...
  7. H

    Candy CDI 2012 dishwasher not heating

    Hi, My dishwasher was first not drying sometimes, sometimes also it started to beep after a wash cycle, then I saw it was not dry. Now it seems the water is not heating either. Sometimes however it does work. I've been investigating already a bit (also on a lot of DYI sites), thought I had...
  8. A

    Candy CMD146-80 Diagnostic lights

    Hi, I wondered if anybody might be able to help with my Candy Model: CMD146-80 washer drier please? I've scoured the internet for a list of the possible diagnostic LED sequences but can't find any information anywhere. The machine developed a fault today and displays a status sequence of 11...
  9. S

    'Frost' inside integrated CANDY fridge

    Hi, I have 'frost' building up on the inside rear wall (white plastic) of the fridge at the upper levels only. The compressor seems to be running all the time and the temperature at the rear of the fridge about 1.4 degrees. This is with the Thermostat on a low setting of about 1. When changing...