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    Boiler Flume pipe disconnected Urgent advice needed?

    I have been having a problem with my roof leaking. Its recently been fixed but went up in to loft today as had been heavy raining just to check it was fixed. whilst up in loft I noticed that what I believe is the flume pipe from boiler that goes up through house in to loft and out roof had...
  2. C

    Building reg - interlinked Smoke Detector

    I’ve just built a double storey extension to the side of the house. I installed a Kidde dual smoke + Carbon mono alarm, one upstairs and one downstairs. Now I’ve 4 bed house (and its not being rented). I had the pleasure of building reg inspector doing the final visit and after calling his...
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    Utility cupboard with boiler and switch board. What the right sensor detector?

    What the right sensor apart the carbon monoxide to install on the utility cupboard where we have boiler switch board and washing machine. Thanks
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    Carbon Monoxide detector in loft

    Hi, I live in a bungalow and, although the gas central heating boiler is in the kitchen, the flue goes out through the roof. As there are a couple of 45-degree elbows in the flue (in the loft), I'm debating whether to fit a Carbon Monoxide detector in the loft - the problem being it's...
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    Combi Boiler in Bedroom

    Hi there can anyone help? I have a combi boiler in the small bedroom of our rented house. I have a Carbon Monoxide detector (new) that seems fine, but think I'm getting a small amount of leakage.. it was tested not long ago as fine, but someone mentioned needing to give clearance around the...