cavity wall

  1. acurachris

    cavity wall insulation on gable ends

    Hi Do you normally continue the cavity wall insulation up into the gable ends? Is there any point? Cheers, Chris
  2. acurachris

    Return on internal wall

    Hi I am slowly constructing my extension and everything has been going okay until I stumbled upon an article regarding openings near a wall return. It appears you need a 550mm internal return at an external corner although i'm not sure about my instance. It is an internal wall and I have an...
  3. acurachris

    Block work doesn’t align

    Hi I’ve realised an issue with my extension and hoping for a little input. The building officer has said to cut the brickwork vertically to open the cavity up and I can then tooth the brickwork. The bricks under the lintel (pictured) will then be removed and blockwork rebuilt under it and...
  4. J

    Small showroom window, no lintel above the window

    Hi all, Just having a small showeroom refurbished. After stripping down the old wall tiles, my builder said it seems that the window has no lintel on the outer skin! The inner skin seems to be supported on a 'timber' support. The window is upvc and is 50cm wide, and has a height of 90cm. Can...
  5. A

    Cavity insulation questions

    Good evening everyone. Thanks for a great forum. Our home is a medium to large 1930's/40's semi-detached, made of bottom-half stone and top-half pebble. I'm not sure if this might be important info, but our home elevation is approx 675ft above sea level, although it is on a long flat road...
  6. O

    Narrow cavity wall in new build

    Hello, I'm having an extension built. The wall is made up of an inner block leaf, an insulation layer (60mm ecotherm), a cavity, and an outer block leaf, with 25mm of external render on top. The cavity was supposed to be 50mm wide but the builder made it narrower (approx 25mm). He insists that...
  7. D

    Do I need to use a lime plaster?

    I have a semi detached 2.5 bedroom house built in the 1890's. The walls are of cavity construction and I believe bricks have been laid with lime mortar. Having removed the wood panelling covering the bottom half of the walls in the smallest first floor bedroom I found the lime plaster underneath...
  8. R

    New extension, uncovered cavity wall insulation is now soaked

    We are having a ground floor extension built and the insulated walls have been left uncovered resulting the insulation getting soaked through. There has been a delay and they have been left exposed for a few weeks now, and unfortunately there has been a lot of rain. The wall is built with breeze...
  9. K

    Ethernet cables through ceiling & joists or cavity wall

    Hello, I wasn't sure how to categorise this question so feel free to move it into more suitable sub-forum. I'm looking for some advice. I'd like to route some (7-8) CAT6 Ethernet cables from downstairs living room (router) to the upstairs bedrooms. Most of the cables will be used for...
  10. J

    Damp on gable end - brick removal

    Hi, New to the forum, so be patient. Since the rain has been non-stop for the last 3-4 months, the ground floor of the gable end of the house has started to develop damp patches at roughly head height at sporadic areas. This is pretty frustrating due to the fact we recently put a new kitchen...