central heating boiler problem

  1. E

    Eco Elite 30 short cycling on CH

    Hi Folks, I have a challenge with a Main Eco Elite 30 Combi which is short cycling on the CH. Water works fine. As soon as you have call for heat, the boiler fires up, modulates, but jumps very quickly (about 30 seconds or so from 40'ish all the way to 70, burner disengages putting it the...
  2. FishBed

    Vaillant EcoTec Stops Firing Before Set Temperature

    Hi all, Preface; checked and can't find this exact issue on here, but similar to this one where someone suggested 'plate heat exchanger needs cleaned /replaced'. Unlike them, however, the boiler was looked at pretty recently. Setup: -Vaillant Ecofit Pure 825 -Radiators all bled and flow...
  3. K

    Power to boiler suddenly dead

    Hi peeps, Problem with my boiler. Bit long-winded but to explain: I have a Grant Vortex Pro external oil fired boiler. It is about three years old and has been running perfectly fine until now, regularly serviced and In great condition. I was away for a few weeks and turned off all the power to...
  4. B

    Help with Viessman Vitodens 100W temperature

    I would be grateful fir any advice re the following. We have moved into a house with a Viessman Vitodens100W, believed around 7 years old, serviced by previous owners’ plumber last June. Separate hot water cylinder. We noticed that on cold days the radiators were only lukewarm even though room...
  5. T

    Drayton Zone Valve Actuator ZA6 not reading Danfoss Programmer??

    Hi Everyone, Very new here and made an account for some advice and guidance. Here's hoping you can help! I have a Worcester Greenstar 40cdi system boiler that is hard wired to a Danfoss FP715Si 2-Channel programmer for heating and hot water. The boiler has a Danfoss HPA2 actuator and a...
  6. C

    Drayton wiser hub r wiring help

    Hello I have installed the Drayton wiser hub r and have connected it to the dual digital thermostats. Whenever I increase the temp on the thermostats the little flame appears, and the LED for heating on the hub r lights up but the central heating on the boiler does not come on. We do not have a...
  7. V

    new baxi boiler noisy

    desperately needing help, I had a new baxi boiler 800 combi fitted last week and its constantly making a whining humming noise, it no sooner stops and it starts again. The plumber came back and drained the radiators but its still the same. my friend and neighbour both have the same boiler and...
  8. R

    Boiler fires up for H/W but not C/H

    Hello all, I’m pretty clueless when it comes to this sort of thing but as we can’t have tradesmen in the house due to shielding I’m hoping someone can give me advice to help diagnose my heating problems. We bought this house less than a year ago and starting to find that there are several...
  9. R

    Pressure problems after fix

    Hi, Hope that this is the right place for me question. I had a problem with a high pressure and noticed that my prv is leaking after pressure going up to 3bar, also expansion vessel was dead. To solve this the Prv was replaced, pressure sensor as it was reading to high and expansion vessel as...
  10. F

    Worcester Combi Junior 24i Kettling CH

    Hi there, I have a 10-15 year old Worcester Combi Junior 24i that kettles only on Central Heating cold start. This winter is the first time it's started doing it. When it kettles, if I turn off the boiler via the thermostat for a few minutes then turn it back on again it runs no problem until...
  11. M

    Need wired room thermostat for Worcester com I boiler

    Hi Can anyone help please? I need some advice please on replacing my wired room thermostat. I’ve had a Worcester 27cdi boiler fitted in my loft recently and an old style dial wired room thermostat on the floor below. The problem is that the lowest temperature setting on the dial is 10 degrees...
  12. D

    Boiler outer flue not sealed

    Hi, decorating the kitchen and noticed the outer flue of the boiler appears to have a gap. Is this normal? Thanks in advance
  13. F

    Glow Worm Ultimate 30c boiler not reaching temperature

    hope there is someone out there who knows how this issue is resolved or what could be causing it. We have a Glow Worm Ultimate 30c central heating boiler installed 4 years ago - this problem has been on-going since installation with various 'solutions' suggested - none of which have worked. The...