1. J

    Best Paving Slab Cleaner?

    Can anyone recommend a good paving slab cleaner for removing algae etc? I don't have a Pressure Washer. The ones that seem to be good on the internet are: Wet and Forget Spear & Jackson Spray and Leave Patio Magic Patio Cleaner Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks
  2. B

    Cleaning/Restoring Solid Wood Floor

    I fitted solid wood floors about 5 years ago. There’s quite a noticeable grain in the wood, which looked nice when new, but over time it has been a magnet for dust (if I’d known this would happen I would probably have used different flooring, but hey ho). Also a couple of times I’ve been doing...
  3. Joehasapatioproblem

    White marks on new porcelain patio

    Hi! Hope to get some advice on a problem.. Had an outside patio layed 3 months back. Marshalls Symphony Black which is a vitrified porcelain slab. With brush-in jointing compound on a solid concrete bed. About a month after it was laid I cleaned it with a mixture of warm water and fairy...
  4. L

    Removing white patches from exterior wall

    Parents had a gutter that was leaking for some time. That's now sorted, but it has left behind some unsightly white staining on the brickwork below. A scrubbing brush and soapy water has failed to shift it. Any ideas what it is exactly, and how best to clean it up? Photo attached.
  5. M

    Removing metal marks in toilet bowl caused by drain snake

    I had a blockage in my toilet - after trying various methods to clear it I finally invested in a 'drain snake'. This cleared the blockage - but I'm left with metal marks in the bowl from the spiral of the snake. Initially I thought it was grease but now I'm not so sure. I'm pretty sure it's not...
  6. E

    Pressure washing wall at property

    Hi Folks, Wanting to know what I need in order to pressure wash this wall. We have a Karcher K4 pressure washer - when I was out doing the car one day I tested the pressure washer on a small section of this wall. It seems to remove a certain amount of dirt but doesn't remove the green and...
  7. R

    "Builders Clean" - what is it?

    The builders for my extension are contracted to do a "builders clean throughout" at the end of the job. They claim that essentially amounts to vaguely running a broom around the room, and maybe a damp cloth over a window or two. They have partially laid a new floor, and the existing floor...
  8. P

    Removing plaster from solid brick

    Hi All, Large sections of my bedroom wall (external) had blown plaster. I think that it’s a case of many years of non breathable paint and a modern skim coat had basically suffocated the wall. It’s a lime pointed solid wall, with internal lime render. Anyway, I’ve decided to strip it all off...
  9. Careful_Bodger

    Removing hard 'sealant' (possibly adhesive) from uPVC window frames??

    I am trying to clean some uPVC window frames, but the internal corners have been finished with something that does not seem to be silicone. It is quite hard but comes away with scratching, which I don't really want to do. Whatever it is, it is thin with no significant depth. Any thoughts on...
  10. D

    Cleaning Danish Oil from walls

    I made the mistake of getting a small amount of Danish Oil on a wall when finishing a tabletop. The walls are freshly painted vinyl emulsion, and quite washable so I tried washing it off before it set. But this just seemed to spread it out further and further! I've now tried painting over it...
  11. Fitter Windows

    How to get my decking looking flawless again?

    Our decking is looking really tired. Half is under cover and doesn't look too bad, but the area that gets rain and leaves from the trees fall onto it looks really worn out and grubby. I was going to jet wash it, but this seemed to be damaging the wood. What is the best way to clean your decking...
  12. P

    Advice and Recommendations for Cleaning Roughcast

    Hello My house has roughcast finished walls which are starting to get a stain which looks red/orange when rubbed with a damp cloth. I gather that this is algae. I understand that this type of finish should be soft washed rather than pressure washed and preferably not with a bleach based...
  13. B

    White Residue on Solid Wood Floor

    I have a dark solid wood floor in my hallway. Recently I've had to do a bit of filling and sanding of the walls and ceiling in the hallway, and unfortunately, despite my best efforts, some of the very fine plaster dust has got into the grain in the wood floor, leaving a white "bloom" in certain...