concrete blocks

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    Blocks don’t match advice please

    Hi, we have had some works done on our building after a car crashed into it, the blockwork on the building exterior was damaged. A contractor has since been (although has not yet been paid) and done the work seen in the photos. It looks terrible in my opinion and really devalues the property...
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    Water proofing concrete blocks

    Hi everyone. I'm building a concrete block retaining wall using 140mm x 215mm x 440mm blocks (see model below). The plan is to render the blocks however the return highlighted on the left hand side of the image runs by the boundary fence. I haven't drawn the fence in the model which is why you...
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    Concrete blocks - Advice on best cutting method

    Hi everyone, I’m getting close to laying the blocks for my wall but first I need to cut some of them to size. Can someone tell what the best method is to achieve this? I’ve seen there is a disc cutter or a block splitter or a hammer and masonry chisel. I need to cut around 20 or so blocks so...
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    Are vertical Joints on a 1.5 course run of blocks ok for stud wall

    Hello, Hope the title was catchy enough Basically I purchased this old Barn and he started to level the floors with a run of blocks so he could put up stud wall. I like the idea of splitting finishing his plans, due to the floor being over three levels and not level in any direction he ran...
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    Garden Incinerator (Concrete Blocks)

    Hi all, Want to make a garden incinerator, getting sick of buying the thin tin dustbins that only last a year and either rust to nothing. I thought about concrete blocks, I know them as breeze blocks or dense blocks. will they take the heat