concrete slab

  1. J

    Sleeving pipes through slab

    I've run a bunch of pipework (Polybutene - PB) for central heating and hot water what will be under a concrete slab and while most of them are insulated and inside some waste pipe offcuts to protect from expansion etc, there are a couple I forgot. Rather than having to drain and re-plumb I was...
  2. J

    Concrete slab paving on concrete flooring - Can be done - Help

    I got my side access and front patio in exposed concrete flooring which looks a bit awful due of many repair during the years. Can these slab be installed on solid concrete and what would be the substrate without rising a lot. Thanks
  3. J

    DPC bridged internally by concrete slab

    We have a detached garage which we are looking to convert to living accommodation. Whilst trenching for utilities we noticed that the damp proof course has been bridged by the concrete slab. This is inside the garage, the external levels are below. Construction is single skin lightweight blocks...
  4. B

    Extending existing extension

    Hi I am planning to extend my 2m long extension to 5m. Walls on the old extension are 9" brick with no cavity. My question is do I need to demolish existing walls and start fresh building up the cavity wall or can I retain these and simply continue on new concrete footing with 9" brick...
  5. D

    Concrete Slabs Underneath Hearth

    Hey everyone, I've just taken out the hearth in one of my first floor bedrooms and discovered two concrete slabs built into the wall. They're really solid & sturdy, but I'm not sure how far they are built into the wall. I was wondering if I could run my noggins directly off of them instead of...
  6. N

    Slab over multiple surface

    Hi all, I'm planning to build a small garden room (3x3m) in an area which is currently partly existing crazy paving (very solid) and part earth. The earth overhang would only be about a foot past the crazy paving. I want to put down a concrete slab to raise it up a bit and level it all out. The...
  7. H

    garage suspended slab venting and garage insulation

    Good morning. I am looking at making my attached garage more cofortable and with less humidity, it currently runs around 80%. Garage is 5m x 5m, one wall is pretty mucy all taken up with a double garage door, one wall is the link to the house so I have 2 external walls at 90 Deg to each other...
  8. Z

    Suspended timber floor or concrete slab?

    Our semi was built in the 1900s with a traditional edwardian layout and modern extension at the rear. We moved our kitchen to the extension and now renovating the old kitchen. The "old kitchen" is suffering from rising damp on 3 walls (excluding the external wall) caused combination of things...
  9. B

    "Rising Damp" at Slab Floor Perimeter

    We have just lifted up the floor in our dining room to investigate the cause of rotting skirting boards in our new home... What we have found is a floating floor construction consisting of a plastic sheet, concrete slab, insulating foam, and then chipboard beneath thick underlay with carpet on...
  10. D

    Leveling uneven slabs for garden room

    Hi everyone, I was just curious as to what you'd Suggest to get my slab levelled. The old concrete seems solid but has a few cracks, and are a little off level. Basically, we are going to build a wooden garden room, if possible we would like to avoid having to re apply concrete slab. and...
  11. canoas

    Patio for Greenhouse (Jointing)

    Hi all, yesterday I laid a patio 1.8m x 2.4m (600mm x 600mm concrete slabs) 8cm of MOT type 1 3.5cm of sharp sand and cement slabs were 3.5cm thick All seems to be ok, I'm happy with the job! after laying them it's been almost 24 hours now laid on Easter Friday and today hot! I can't perform...
  12. T

    pouring a concrete slab to an extension before or after weather tight.

    Hi all, I’m currently self-building an extension to my property. I’m adding an 8m x 6m single storey extension with steel work to possibly take a second storey in the future (when I win the lotto!) I’m wondering can I put the concrete floor slab, insulation and screed in once the roof is on...
  13. C

    Can a pier and beam foundation be built over a concrete slab?

    We are planning on converting our garage into a master suite. The garage currently has a concrete slab that has a large crack/split. The rest of the house is pier and beam. We'd like to create a raised floor in the garage so that its at the same level as the rest of the house. Do we need to...