condensation in loft

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    Insulating loft / condensation problem

    Hi all End of terrace built in 1890. Since topping up my insulation, I have a significant build up of condensation on the breather membrane in my loft that I’m trying to fix through: - installing lap vents in between every rafter at the lowest point close to the eaves. - installing a...
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    Is this a water vapor/condensation risk? Dwarf wall void in loft.

    Hi, I have been slowly upgrading a converted loft in my victorian semi. A couple of years ago I replaced the insulation in the rafters with PIR board. 100mm in between the rafters, 25mm underneath the rafter. 50mm gap between insulation in the rafters and batten for ventilation. At the...
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    White Mould within Loft Space

    Noticed some white mould within my loft space and was wondering a few things: 1. Is this due to lack of ventilation, condensation, or both? 2. Within the pictures attached you can see felt only. I believe this is due to a window being removed (as there seems to be an old single pane window in...
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    Fully boarded loft condensation problem

    20210102_095915 by John down south posted 2 Jan 2021 at 10:29 AM20210102_095939 by John down south posted 2 Jan 2021 at 10:29 AM Hi everyone, I had my loft boarded before the summer and noticed it got very hot up there but took no heed from it. Now winter has hit moisture is on the rear and...
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    Loft condensation and insulation - help please!

    Hi I'd be really grateful for help/advice - I'm panicking a bit! As a bit of background.... I am looking to replace the current loft insulation (fibreglass/rockwool), laid on the loft floor. This has been prompted by a potential problem of condensation on internal walls/ceilings; in our second...
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    Loft condensation / ventilation

    Hi all First post here! Hoping you can help sort my loft space out. I have read several threads already including CONDENSATION IN LOFT (ANSWERS) - none quite answer my questions! I have a Victorian semi-detached house with a slate roof and impermeable plastic undersarking. There's no obvious...
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    Condensation in the loft

    Hi . I've been fighting with the condensation for some time now . It is just dripping from the felt underneath the roof tiles . Drilled some holes and installed vents ( one every 60-70cm on both sides of the house - those bright points on the photos :) put some plastic between felt vents ...