condenser boiler

  1. J

    Boiler help

    Hello can anyone help me identify what this pipe is outside of my property coming from my boiler? Thank-you
  2. andyr123

    lot of condensation in top of Tigerloop device - is it normal?

    I photographed our Tigerloop the other day - seems a lot of water/condensation in the top of our Tigerloop, does this look normal? - I've never had a Tigerloop before so i didnt know if its normal? is that what is supposed to happen? or could there be some water getting into tank or oil? - I...
  3. andyr123

    Frost Protection on outside oil boiler module

    in the instructions on our Grant Euroflame outdoor kerosene oil boiler it says that a pipe state fitted to the return water pipe may be fitted to offer frost protection and that it shall be set at 30 degrees centigrade. If water freezes at 0c i wonder why they say to set the stat at 30c ? -...
  4. B

    Most suitable shower for condenser boiler

    which shower is the most compatible with ideal icos he24 boiler? Thanks