1. J

    Replacing shower head

    Hello! I'd like to replacer my shower head, but I can't find a head with the right fitment on the internet, is this a common connector? See attached picture. Thanks in advance! James
  2. T

    What is this and how can I remove it?

    I have removed a radiator from my living room wall. The wall brackets were done in a way I have not seen before. Instead of being screwed into the wall, they had a nut holding them into a bolt that was coming out of the wall. I can't seem to remove these bolts from the wall, they just spin...
  3. T

    8mm copper to 15mm plastic connector. Possible?

    I have recently moved house and would like to move a radiator from a side wall, to one below the window as is more pleasing to the eye. I understand why it was not placed under the window, as my house is old and has concrete flooring so would be difficult when it comes to the pipework...
  4. Uma

    connecting garden hose to Tap

    Hello, I have bought the Garden pipe from Amazon and also bought the universal tap connector adopter to connect to the pipe but it doesnt seems to fit in and i think i need some sort of push fit connector, I have tired to look online on ToolStation and Screw fix but not very sure about the...
  5. T

    What fitting(s) for plumbing toilet and shower into soil stack

    I am adding a new bathroom on the first floor of my house and there is limited space to run the drains to the existing soil stack. I have bought a branch connector for the soil pipe (see link) and was hoping to be able to join the shower and basin drain into one of the 40mm side bosses but have...
  6. S

    Garden hose won't fit outdoor tap

    Hi, I've just joined the forum, hope I'm posting in the right place. I've just bought a garden hose, first for many years, and none of the connectors that came with it or that I can buy will fit our outdoor tap. All connectors seem to be 3/4" or 1", and our tap is 7/8", which (from what I've...
  7. S

    DC 60v 200a Connector

    Hi, I recently purchased a ammeter to measure the amperage of motors connected to batteries. Rather than just put the connections for these which are a lot under the device's maximum, I would like to add a connector that I could use to measure other things in the future. I can create an...
  8. D

    Is this dangerous? Connector blocks below sink.

    A contractor removed a fuse box from the bathroom and put a CU in the kitchen above, see image of connection blocks between original tails and new cables to the new CU, and their position directly below the sink bowl as defined by tap upstands and various waste water pipes. Electrician says that...