1. R

    Coving Disaster?

    Hi guys, I recently had someone come in and fit coaving for me due to my disability preventing me from doing so, and I’ve had these gaps in there. Is this normal, if so is this any product I can use to fill those gaps? I can take further up pictures if required, thank you.
  2. Sharky7866

    Help Need Advice

    Hi I had a nightmare project, a extension on my house. The roofer which I hired i had lost a little faith and was working alongside side him to keep an eye out. My concern is the method he chose to butt up against my house with Conrod plain tile, he used a dry soaker, but there are gaps between...
  3. L

    How bad is this?

    Two semi detached Edwardian villas in Liverpool turned in to flats decades ago. Pictures are of roof at my house with wooden capping board sitting along edge of slates. This is a design common to houses of this region and period. Second picture shows neighbours roof after replacement of...
  4. D

    Loft Conversion Dismantle / Rebuild Project

    I've started the long and hard process or demolishing a cowboy loft conversion and building a new loft conversion. my progress so far the builder of the loft that i've taken down is John Slaytor company called avoid. I've managed to salvage 65% of the parts and from the old loft and...

    Neighbours conservatory, your thoughts!

    My Neighbour has built (I use that term loosely) a conservatory which looks more like an extension, to me its looks a bit too close to my extension? And the plastic roof of theirs is packed with expanding foam which overlaps my tiled roof! See pictures below. Your thoughts. #whatbuildingregs
  6. bluevanman71

    What do I do with a bad builder?

    I have had a builder in now for 4 months. I say the word 'in' very loosely - as I don't think he has been there very much at all. I have had a string of excuses and every illness under the sun for the last 2 months and the house is a complete tip. Looks like they have been mixing plaster on...
  7. M

    Rsj sitting on rsj sitting on chimney stacks, help...

    Help! Been in my house for 6 months now, guy that owned it before knocked out a supporting wall down stairs to open it up, stuck an RSJ in to support wall above, BUT he's put one rsj full width of the house, but hes sat it on another RSJ thats sitting on both the chimney stacks! Making both...
  8. Brownstone1892

    Steam Shower Supply

    Hi all, We moved into a house with an Insignia INS0509 Steam Shower installed last July, and it was working fine for around a year, then it started to trip the leccy. We didn't use it for while, then tried it again and all was fine for a couple of days when it started tripping the leccy again...