dot & dab

  1. ChrisinShropshire

    Fixings for dot and dab plasterboard

    I want to hang some mirrors on dot and dab plasterboard walls. This means that the screws will not be screwed all the way into the plasterboard fixing as the bracket on the mirror needs to hang on it. I am also worried that there may not be enough room between the plasterboard and the breeze...
  2. R

    Air Brick to Nowhere! Developer fail or standard practice?

    Hi all, expertise needed! In the hunt for causes of heat loss, I've just discovered something odd. Our 2007 brick-cavity house has two 9x9" exterior air bricks which have square, terracotta ducting going through both wall 'skins' and butt up roughly to the INTERIOR plasterboard wall. Inside...
  3. M

    Dot and Dab uneven wall

    Hi I've stripped back to the bare brick on a small toilet room, which I intend to tile over after plaster boarding. The problem I have is the walls are very uneven, my question is how do I make sure the plaster boards are level with one another and plumb? For plumb I'm guessing its start from...
  4. T

    Plugs to replace curtain pole brackets in plasterboard???

    Hello :) Sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm a DIY newbie: I'm replacing curtain pole brackets as our previous brackets have bent under the weight of the curtains. I've removed the old brackets - There weren't any plugs in the wall apart from one very large metal (potentially...
  5. R

    alternative to dot and dab for soundproofing

    Hello, I'm having the ground floor kitchen/diner of my 5 year old new build totally rebuilt because it needs a cavity/drain system (another story). In the process the dot and dab will be removed. Although my house is end terraced, the block is staggered so the walls of the kitchen/diner are all...
  6. J

    Bonding & Plastering OR Dot & Dab? Pro and cons of each system

    As I had now removed most of my hard plastering inside the house due of the age and completely came apart from the wall. I was suggested to use dot and dab plasterboard system instead of plastering the whole house. Can someone advise on pro and cons of each method and which one would be the...
  7. K

    Bond and skim, or dot and dab?

    Hi all, So I’m refurbing my brothers house (built 1901) and have totally ripped the kitchen out (4.4m x 2.4m). I’ve had to knock the walls back to brick as the bonding was crumbling and blown. I’m quietly confident at plastering but by no means an expert. Can’t see any obvious evidence of lime...
  8. W

    How to make/buy dot and dab materials

    hi people,it seems that i have to have a go at putting up plasterboards for my daughter,can someone advise best materials for dot and dab ie does the proper fixatives come in tubes or does it have to be bought and mixed ? if so what would i need to buy ? i am quite handy so the cutting etc...
  9. D

    Plasterboard - dot & dab vs. plaster on wall?

    Would appreciate advice on this issue... I'm about to have a small extension built onto our home. It's been suggested that the internal walls (constructed from concrete block) of the new build are lined with plasterboard using the 'dot & dab' method rather than being plastered directly. Can...