1. eveares

    Sourcing a 5500k LED down light with 90° beam angle.

    I have 5 of these (see below) in my bathroom with the 90° lenses, and one has now failed and needs replacing. I am having difficulty in finding a integrated fire rated LED down light that is both 90° beam angle and 5500K in colour...
  2. A

    Downlighter recommendations

    Hi all, Got an extension about to start in the new year. There will be a new bedroom, hallway, bathroom and a kitchen diner. Want to get warm white LED downlights for the bedroom (dimmable) and cool white for the kitchen and bathroom. Also want to avoid the ones where you can't replace the...
  3. S

    Downlight Help

    Hi I want to change my downlights from Gold to Chrome. A quick search tells me i just need to purchase some new Bezels. The hole I have is 95mm but can I hell as like find any that size. I am a complete novice with DIY, so might struggle with trying to fill the hole, and am on a budget so can't...
  4. M

    Downlighters Loft Insulation

    Hi, I'm topping up existing loft insulation. We have 12 downlighters. The loft insulation has been cut back around them, presumably to allow heat to disperse. I don't think that it would be practical to do the same with the top up insulation. Do I need to use those downlight protectors or is...