1. B

    Should water be permanently gathered under fascia?

    Water is always here to the point it's going moldy, and every time it rains it will drip for hours afterwards. Is this normal on a newly constructed flat-roof dormer? Sorry this video is rough: I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. I can give more context to our situation if needed
  2. S

    Leaking valve under sink

    Hi, novice here. Yesterday evening I discovered that a valve underneath my kitchen sink is leaking. To give an idea of the leakage rate, I dried off the valve and the area underneath it last night, and a puddle a couple of inches wide formed over 12 hours or so. I've attached a couple of...
  3. H

    Leaking washing machine compression valve

    Hi. I have a leaking compression valve (I think) for the cold water feed to the washing machine. When I moved in to the house a few years ago, it dripped whenever the cold water was turned on- a plumber was checking the (failing) boiler and had a look (I think it was something to do with a...
  4. D

    Slow drip from shower thermostatic(?) valve

    Hello - please forgive me if I've used the wrong terminology! I have attached three images which show the location of this leak/drip. The shower is connected to the wall as shown - the knob on the left is to turn the shower on and the knob on the right is to control the temperature. Where the...
  5. Auric

    Advice for fixing a leaking exhaust flue

    Hello all! During lockdown in April we moved into a new house and on day 1 found a gas leak which required a new boiler system. Our options were limited due to full lockdown so we got in touch with the closest boiler installation guy we could find, willing to work during the lockdown. Long...
  6. S

    Help how to remove lever From Kitchen Tap

    Hi, Im trying to fix a drip on my dripping kitchen tap and I have fallen at the first hurdle. I can’t see my tap on any YouTube video. Once I open the cap and unscrew the screw, neither lever comes off. I’ve tried a bit of force and it does nothing and I’m scared to break it. Can anyone...
  7. Stephie


    Hi The overflow pipe is dripping. I have been researching how to stop it but am now confused as to where the pipe comes from. In my naivety I thought overflows just came from heating systems. I have now read it could be from the toilet. How do I find out which it is coming from?
  8. C

    Ideal Logic System 15 - Leaking CH Flow Valve

    Hi folks, hope you can help! I have an Ideal Logic System 15 boiler (new build house, builders installed) which has a leak from the CH flow valve (gauge thing). I've had it 'fixed' no less than 5 times now - replaced the fibre washer and helped with liquid PTFE. In summer months, it's not on...
  9. J

    How to remove and clean Discharge Safety Valve on glowworm 24ci boiler

    Steady drip from knurled union nut on the discharge safety valve pipe, leading to the outside. Boiler loses pressure over a few days. Had a new external expansion vessel plumbed in which has cured the previous big problem, but the steady drip remains - a niggle needing a cure. Does the whole...
  10. Scottjw

    Loud drip on to window sill

    Hello. The window sill above my bedroom window (town house) has a window sill that is the same dimensions as my bedroom window sill and therefore, when it rains, the rain collects and falls from the drip channel directly on to the bedroom upvc window sill, making a loud dripping noise when it...