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    Plasterboard edge bead?

    Hi, I am in the process of undertaking my first DIY project in my new home. I am building a false tray ceiling - similar to below: I have a few questions with regards to the most appropriate edge beading for the plasterboards, see below diagram with a section of the tray ceiling. My questions...
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    Plywood flooring in small en-suite - gap around edges

    I had to remove the original moisture board in my ensuite, and I’m about to replace it with good quality plywood. My question relates to whether it is necessary to leave a 10 mm gap around the small room (< 3m²)? If not, what gap is appropriate? TIA
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    Best solution for adding a shelf with lip to this keyboard stand

    I've got a third layer on my keyboard stand, but rather than adding another keyboard to it I want to add a shelf which spans the arms on which I can place several smaller pieces of equipment. Weight of the equipment will be around 5-6kg, but obviously most of that will be supported by the...
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    Edge trim for click vinyl

    Am putting in 18mm ply with 8mm click vinyl surface, looking for an 8mm edge trim to go along the btm of this sliding door, just under the window frame btm, it's a bit tight for clearance at the right hand end but gets better to the left. Reveal is 2525 skim to skim. There is a 2.5m Dial 8mm...
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    Staircase skirting edge to plasterboard

    Hi folks, Bear with me as I try to describe this as best as I can, pictures paint a thousand words though so please see those too! In a relatively new build (5yrs old, housebuilder was junk, lots of issues) and it's time to tackle the gaps appearing between the wooden 'large' skirting that...
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    Window board rolled edge 25mm. How to make the rolled edge on the side?

    I have to replace my windows board and was thinking of buying some length of windows board and cut to size than machine the side and make it rolled edge as per the front having a nice 45° sharp corner. I got a router but never done any rolled edge. is there anyone helping me to understand what...
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    Plasterboard carriers - are they ok?

    Any recommendations? Screwfix do a roughneck but it's only 165mm wide, which isn't very generous considering the weight of a single sheet. I have to shift some 12.5mm plasterboard on my own. Thank y'all kindly. Dain
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    190x47 CLS joists - enough landing for drywall screw edge distance?

    The ends of ceiling plasterboard will have to share a 47 landing on the joist underside, so not much edge distance for drywall screws. Is there a spec drywall screw edge distance to be maintained?
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    Drywall screws min. edge distance

    What would the recommended minimum edge distance be for drywall screws? Thank you
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    Decorators Caulk/edging repairs

    Hi folks, Hopefully a simple one, this is on a new-ish build (3yrs old) and after settling we've got quite a few cracks appeared between the stairs and walls, so this is the plan: Sand/remove the existing edging (It looks like silicone type filler to me), Get some decorators caulk (No Nonsense...
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    Wooden bar on roof tiles above fascia board??

    Hi all, I have a problem with my roof. The tiles on the right hand side need replacing, and I had a roofer round yesterday who said this wooden bar I have running along the edge of the roof tiles doesn't need to be there as my attached neighbour doesn't have it on her side, although the building...