error code

  1. S

    Boiler Situation - cause?

    Main Combi 25 Eco There is no system filter. 3 rads - whole install (pipes & rads) were new at the time. About 8 yrs old. Hard water area. Central heating can be on for hours - no real issue. But, If I then turn thermostat off - as I am going to have a shower - and turn the shower on (hot) -...
  2. C

    Honeywell galaxy error code

    Can anyone help with what this error code is on my Honeywell galaxy flex alert-PA RST alarm won’t sent due to this Any help would be amazing
  3. C

    Worcester Boiler Error Code

    Hi I am new to this forum and looking for some help with an annoying issue with my Worcester CDi boiler ( installed about 2010 ). It provides heating and hot water ( through a separate lagged water tank). Over a year ago it started going into a mode for a number of minutes before it then...
  4. Harmonitron

    How to display the Miele G 1022 fault code

    My Miele G 1022 dishwasher when started alternately runs and stops for about five minutes and the the top three yellow LEDs which are in a vertical bar all blink at 1 Hz. There's a procedure for the G1040 by RichardMNZ over at this thread which gives the procedure for that model: Door shut...
  5. E

    Zanussi Lindo300 ZDC8202P

    My condenser dryer isn’t working- when I press the start button it beeps 3 times and flashes continuous red and won’t start. It has done this intermittently in the past but then worked again but now it definitely seems to have given up the ghost. I have run the diagnostic test and it flashed red...
  6. TM1303

    Socket Tester error only when shower is running

    Evening. After testing every plug socket in the house and finding them all to be ok, I left the socket tester plugged in to a socket with the switch switched off. I didn't leave it plugged in intentionally, I'm just lazy. Days later, I'm in the kitchen and all of a sudden the socket tester...
  7. W

    Potterton e168

    Hi all, i have a potterton 28 he+ that been giving me an random e168 errors. so far Ive replaced the actuator, diverter cartride, pressure switch, temp sensors pcb and room stat (salus wireless). doesn't happen as frequently now but still there. usually more after having used hot water. im...
  8. Mark Tee

    Vaillant Turbomax Plus 824e - Error 5F6 (or SF6) ? Info needed please.

    Hello. I have a Turbomax Plus 824e boiler which has been limping along for some time. I am NOT GS registered but when it comes to things like replacing a screw in thermistor or topping up water pressure I am just about functional. I have no understanding or inclination to go inside the...