extension cost

  1. J

    Structural work vs bigger extension £££

    Hi all, we’ve recently had planning permission approved and now trying to finalise our internal layout before getting in builders for quote. Budget is going to be tight, so one of the key considerations is weighing up whether to do more structural works or make the extension bigger, and looking...
  2. nigeymc

    How much to budget for this small extension?

    I'm in the process of completing the purchase of a house. It's an end terrace with a very dated single skin brick lean-to that's been added to end terrace side of the house. There's a door from the kitchen leading to it and it's used by the current owners as storage. However it's in pretty bad...
  3. R

    Extension costs in 2021

    Hi all, This has probably been asked a lot on here but prices seem to be rocketing and so I would like other peoples thoughts… I want to do a front porch/living room lean to extension roughy 5 x 1.5 m. What sort of price per Sqm should I be looking for at a shell only
  4. Q

    Extension built without approval

    Hi, we stupidly bought a house with a large side extension that wasn’t signed off (got an indemnity which now I realise is not worth the paper) and is in such rubbish condition we would never be able to sell it. It’s around 13-15 years old the extension. I no we are idiots so don’t go at me...
  5. C

    Extension costs - double storey + wraparound

    Hi all, I'm looking for an idea of extension costs. I've heard various amounts per sqm, but it's never clear to me what that actually includes. We are based in the South West near Bristol. We're considering turning our 2 bed into a 3 bed + office (or 4th bedroom/box room depending on how you...
  6. W

    Ground Floor Flat Extension - Steel to support building above

    Hi all, I am in the process of completing on a ground floor flat and wanted to do a rear and side return extension, but wanted to clarify some things before drawing up some plans for planning permission. The extension I have in mind would require the corner of the building demolished and...
  7. F

    2 Storey Extension - Foundations

    Hi there - completely new to all of this and feel like im going round in circles not getting many answers from building control or the architect. Please help! Im based in Berkshire (seems like the costs in this area are very expensive!) I have had plans drawn up and approved to put a 2 storey...
  8. diydaddy51

    What costs dud you incur for house extension work?

    Costs for extensions vary across counties. What did you pay for stuff like single storey, garage, conservatory, etc?
  9. D

    Non London builder work in London?

    Hi, this is a question to see if anyone does this or knows people that do. I am looking to do a ground floor extension in North London and having spoken to local architects including the one who submitted my plans I have an idea of the very rough cost per sq m to build (~£1700). However, I have...
  10. A

    Rough costs for single storey extension....

    We have just purchased a house and are considering knocking down the conservatory and building a single storey extension to be a kitchen/diner in its place. The measurements would be 9m wide x 4m long. We would like a flat roof with lantern skylight and french doors on one side and a bank of 3...
  11. A

    Extension First Steps

    Hi. First time doing something like this and haven't got a clue where to start. I want to do an ground floor extension to side and rear of the house. Obviously will need some plans to be drawn up. I have a rough idea of what I want. So where do I start? I probably need to shortlist 2 or 3...
  12. S

    Single Storey Extension

    Hi, Image below of where I would like the extension to go, how close to neighbours wall are you allowed to go?
  13. Forestduncan

    Converting conservatory to extension - ball park cost

    Evening all, We've decided to take the plunge and replace our old, leaky 6m by 4m conservatory with a single story extension and knock through the back of the house to the dining room to create a new kitchen/dining living space. I wondered whether anyone had an idea as to possible ball park...
  14. D

    Cost of Extension

    Would appreciate opinions on the cost of a planned single storey extension. I've seen a rule-of-thumb figure, based on external area of build, of £2,000 per sq meter for S.E. England in 2016 which excluded sanitary ware, kitchen units/sinks/appliances and decoration (not sure about...