1. Auric

    Water dripping out of flue and into boiler - an easy fix for DIYer?

    Hi all I noticed water dripping from the bottom of my Vaillant combi boiler and found the source to be the base of the flue where it connects to the boiler (as in the photo below). I've sent pictures to the boiler installer but he's ghosting me. Is this something I can fix? Tighten up the...
  2. JD2012

    How to fit Lawn Edging?

    I got the plastic lawn edging below. How do I fit this with no stakes? Its was for the edge of the lawn beside my paving slabs edgers. Tthe grass was growing out over them. Someone did suggest I could use galvanised nails . Thanks...
  3. P

    uPVC door with window - window now loose and air gap...

    There now is a gap on the outside of the door and the inside of the door betwen the uPVC frame and the window. Not sure how to tackle this and if it can be resolved easily. I would say the gap between the frame and the window on the outside is maybe 4mm in places and about 2mm on the inside.
  4. Maxw42

    Shed sinking, help to prop it up!

    Hello forum! First time post here. I am a fairly handy amateur carpenter and had a builder come around to replace the floor in my shed, which was very rotted with wood worm (it was the removal that I couldn't do, as the rot creaped me out). While his construction method was good, he made a...
  5. D

    Does bath rim go underneath tilebacker/Aquapanel?

    Does aquapanel go above the bath with the bath rim slid underneath it, or does it extend below the rim with the bath pushed up to it (plus sealant)? Asking because existing bath rim is 45mm wide but new bath side rim is 90mm wide, which seems a lot. Thank you.
  6. Y

    Fixing a hole in my wall

    Hi all Bit of a small problem I'm having. I managed to create a small hole in my wall, smacked into it with a laptop and it's somehow hit it with enough force to create a small dent/hole. I'm renting the property so if I can somehow fix this myself I'd be very pleased. These are the...
  7. D

    Batten or grout internal masonry wall to take Aquapanel?

    I was going to grout 6mm Aquapanels to a single leaf rendered breeze wall behind a new bath, I really don't have much space (not enough for CLS) but I might just squeeze some planed in if preferred. Thank you.
  8. J

    Fixing stainless steel splashback behind hob

    I've bought a stainless steel splash back to fix behind my gas hob instead of tiles. I bought Grip Tite to fix it but on reading the tube it says it's highly flammable. Have I got the wrong product and, if so, what should I have bought to fix it that's non flammable? I'd rather be safe than...
  9. J

    Numatic NQS250 commercial has stopped working

    My commercial grade Numatic hoover has stopped working. I checked switch and capacitor and all seems working fine. Machine was working and then stopped. With new fepa filter was under a bit of overloading but I only used for few minutes a time to use with wall chaser. I do not see any other...
  10. robodelfy

    How to fix these external render issues for painting?

    I'm renovating my whole house during lockdown, and there's so much to do! I wanted to paint the exterior, but realised there are a few issues with the render. What is the best course of action to deal with these considering I've never done any rendering before. Or is it worth paying someone to...
  11. Jim Rat

    Valliant Turbomax Plus 828e intermittent F.22 NEW EASY FIX

    Hi Folks, Being a long time "sufferer" of the elusive Turbomax F22 Fault I've set up an account here just to post my as of yet seemingly un-published fix! Posting it here because over the years this site keeps popping up as the closest anyone's got to suggesting but rarely completely resolving...
  12. S

    Secure Roll Top Bath to Floor

    Hi i've got a roll top bath like the one here: If you look closely at the picture, the feet are stood on small circular pads. The bath is stood on a tiled...
  13. CrazeUK

    Attaching metal to metal

    Hey Guys Not really a home DIY, but it is a DIY fix non the least. I purchased some Jabra Bluetooth headphones for the stepdaughter. Somehow one of the headphones came off the headband. Either they are not well built, or they got stood on. Anyway. I am wanting to fix them as the everything...
  14. F

    Can anyone help me work out what is happening here?

    Pics for reference Apprantly the builders used dulux trade supermatt, to which i have tried to use retail, dulux matt paint, colour wise they match perfectly, although my new matt paint is very rough in comparison, hence...
  15. C

    Fitting curtain pole to wall - metal lintel?

    Hi, I want to fit a curtain pole to the wall, above a pair of windows and door. The problem is there seems to be some sort of metal lintel about 1 inch below the plaster. I've bought the finest drill bits - Milwaukee Thunderweb, set my cordless drill to hammer and max torque and it won't go...
  16. C

    Laying gripper rods - old fireplace hearth

    Hi, Hopefully I'll be at the point where I've fixed my bedroom floors and can lay the gripper rods soon.. Issue is all three bedrooms have old hearths - apparently you still need gripper rods on top. Two of the hearths have beautiful original tiles, I don't intend to do anything with them...
  17. R

    Bizzarre Miele Dryer Issue

    Hi all. I have the seemingly common fault of my Miele T294C dryer shutting down after 5 mins of blowing cold air and beeping on all settings. BUT! If I wipe / clean the door interior seal down (on the machine body side not the actual door) it will work??? Would appreciate any pointers as to...
  18. Jordan Blake

    How can I fix a snapped aluminium tube?

    Hi, The picture below shows a snapped aluminium rod on a turntable. It is very expensive to replace so what would be the best way to make a repair job. Thanks 100_6943 by Jordan Blake posted 13 Aug 2016 at 10:08 PM
  19. S

    Candy CDi 2012-80 built in dishwasher problem

    Hi - can anyone offer advice? My built in dishwasher seems to have stopped drying - it beebs continuously when it seems like the wash is finished but there is no cloud of steam when you open the door the programme light is flashing - the contents is still wet and it won't shut up till you hit...