floor heating

  1. G

    The Grundfos upm3 pump does not stop running

    Hello to everyone, I have a problem with my Grundfos upm3 pump that does not stop running. Here is the description of the problem: I have two heating circles, upstairs and downstairs which is floor heating. The pump in the question services the floor heating. It is connected with Junkers...
  2. M

    Vaillant boiler - short circuit - pure floor heating

    Hi DIYnot, Firstly, i will apologize beforehand as my english is not perfect. I am from Denmark, seeking some guidance as i haven't managed to find a plumber or a boiler technician who can help me with my problem. I have had a bigger renovation project where i switched from radiators as a...
  3. C

    Boarding over heated floor

    A cottage we lived in for a while, and which we now let to a tenant, used to have an under-floor heating element above the original floorboards, on which was a layer of quarry tiles. The element was connected to an electronic controller, and has always worked well. Now the tenant has decided to...
  4. J

    New floor advice for old house

    I have purchased an early 1900s stone built mid terraced house and it needs a new floor completely, old concrete slab is broken and wafer thin. I have begun digging out said old floor which contains no hardcore and about 1-3 Inch of concrete. I was expecting to replace the floor with: Hardcore...
  5. D

    Ariston Class One low temp

    Hello, I have Ariston Class One (condensation combi boiler) and the problem is that I cannot get the desired temp. at my house. I have floor heating in the living room and 2 radiators in the bedroom. It cannot get 23C or sometimes it reaches the 23C but very slow. This is a new installation...
  6. Ben-v

    Replacing floor joist with concrete slab

    Hi, My partner and I are having an extension on the back of our house and we would like UFH throughout the downstairs. Most UFH systems I have found aren’t the best for wooden floorboards and the floor height would raise substantially, so I was wondering about the feasibility of replacing the...
  7. D

    Replacing a Devireg 550 floor heating thermostat

    I have a Devireg 550 fitted to control our under floor heating in the bathroom. However, the controller seems to have stopped working and is not displaying the screen settings correctly or switching the heating on. How easy is it to fit a new controller? Do I need to buy the same type, same...