1. W

    Indesit CA55NF No Frost Fridge Freezer had a big build up of mould and water pooling underneath

    Hi. Indesit CA55NF Fridge Freezer bought 2012 has been in the same place ever since, apart from moving to decorate/replace flooring which last got moved probably 4 years ago. Today I noticed a small bit of water around the front leg when I opened the freezer door. I then looked underneath and...
  2. J

    AEG - Frost Free Freezer - completely frozen! repair options?

    Hi, my (frost free) freezer in my integrated fridge freezer model AEG SCN71800S1 - has completely frozen over. Please see images attached. I'm aware "The absence of frost is due to the continuous circulation of cold air inside the compartment, driven by an automatically controlled fan" - so...
  3. M

    Hotpoint Freezer HF 1801 evaporator fan noise

    My Hotpoint HF1801 tall freezer has started making a noise right at the top of the freezer like fan blades hitting something. Just below the main control panel at the top of the freezer I can see a white plastic grill with some iced up pipes behind it. My guess is this is the evaporator and...
  4. G

    Under-counter fridge with interior freezer compartment.

    The freezer compartment, which I never have anything stored in, at the top of the inside of my under-counter fridge has, for over a year now, been icing up faster than it should, including, significantly, around and on the outside of the door, jamming it shut, requiring defrosting about once a...
  5. M

    Freezer works fine on first cooling cycle only, almost minus 30deg C

    Then the power use drops by half and it warms up, fan still going and compressor hums. it seems to have a PSC motor .. Permanent Split Capacitor motor. I changed the capacitor, as it tested lower than the stated value, this increased power consumption, but it still only cooled down once...
  6. M

    Are you a freezer expert?

    My freezer “packed up”, or so I thought. It defrosted. so I pulled it out the next day (integrated under counter IKEA, Frostig SF98 …. It’s has electrolux parts. Had a look at it the next day plugged it and it worked. Then it stopped again after getting cold enough, as you would expect...
  7. P

    Zanussi frost free fridge freezer not working

    Help! My fridge freezer has stopped working. Compressor feels quite warm/hot. It was making a buzzing noise this morning, and I came home just now and it's actually warm inside the fridge. Like something has heated it. I've unplugged it. It's frost free, and no water in the tray advice the...
  8. 1974darrenh

    Indesit fridge/freezer very annoying chirp

    Just moved into a flat which unfortunately has an open plan kitchen/living room. We bought an Indesit fridge freezer but all it does is make an annoying noise and drives us crazy trying to watch TV. I have removed the cooling fan and it made no difference, removed the plastic panel at the back...
  9. A

    Fixing the Freezer power cord

  10. nmg196

    Freezer only just about gets to 0C when set to -20C

    Hi all, My Samsung American style fridge freezer has started to struggle to actually get cold. We noticed stuff in the freezer wasn't always completely frozen so tested with a thermometer to find it was only around -3C and sometimes even warmer! The thermostat's resistance vs temp shows it's...
  11. C

    How to remove internal back panel of Hoover freezer?

    Hello, I've got a Hoover frost-free fridge freezer, just over a year old, model HVBF5182WK. The drain hole in the bottom of the freezer is frozen/blocked and as a result the drain water is now forming ice under the bottom drawer. It's not a big problem and it should be an easy fix to...
  12. Dee_in_London

    Chest Freezer - Adding a Timer for cheaper electricity

    We have a chest freezer in our unheated extension in London, UK. It's a fairly manual freezer - mainly used to store extra food or things on sale that we buy. Our Fridge / Freezer serves as the main freezer in our Kitchen. However we have cheap rate electricity for 10 (Ten) hours every night...
  13. S

    Mistral FF71N rear fan not working

    The original fan's armature within the fan motor had worn so I sourced a replacement. The original fan was wanting to spin but got stuck and squealed at each active cycle. I replaced the motor with the same type but now the fan isn't even willing to power up. Does a capacitor initialise the...
  14. T

    Fridge freezer defrost problem

    Electrolux ENN2643AOW fridge freezer should auto defrost. Works fine unless you open the freezer door more than about 10 times. Then fridge is no longer cold. Can be solved by switching off and leaving fridge and freezer open for 24 hours. Freezer seal looks good, careful to re-close freezer...
  15. D

    13A Plug with indicator

    Is it possible to get a 13A plug with a built in blown fuse indicator. After having a freezer defrost due to a blown fuse recently, it struck me that if there is no external indicator on the freezer (which mine hasn't) you could have a blown fuse and not know until it was too late.
  16. G

    Fridge Freezer Not Getting Cold Enough

    Hi, I have searched the forums but am struggling to diagnose the fault. This is a Zanussi 60/40 fridge freezer. I'm starting to think it's the compressor but before I go and spend the money on a new fridge, I wanted to get some advice on here. Originally we came back from holiday to find...
  17. Paulie_A

    Soft close hinge on tall fridge cabinet door

    Guys, I have 2 soft close hinges on a tall fridge cabinet door. The cabinet is 2.3 high and the top door (for the fridge) is I think around 1.2m or there abouts. Now I was supplied with soft close hinges, Cooke & Lewis ones, but on this top door it doesn't have the force required to get past the...
  18. K

    Siemens American fridge freezer problem

    I have a Siemens American style fridge freezer code KA62DP90GB that suddenly stopped freezing. The fridge, ice generation and water all work fine. It's five years and six months old and therefore six months out of warranty. It broke on the 18th of Dec so I called the Siemens customer services...