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  1. S

    Installing an OpenTherm boiler control / thermostat - Gas Safe?

    My heating engineer is going to install a new combi boiler for me (Ideal Logic 2 Max), which I think he will fit with a standard thermostat / control. This boiler seems to support OpenTherm, and I'm wondering about fitting a smart thermostat and radiator valves at a later date to improve...
  2. W

    Recommissioning Boiler

    My boiler was fitted about 4 years ago. Its a Valliant Ecotec32 and was installed on the outside wall of my garage. I've demolished the garage now and a new one has been built. The flow, DHW and cold inlet pipes are all back in place and the gas pipe is about 1 meter away in 22mm. The pipes...
  3. R

    Gas safe certificate?

    As part of kitchen renovation project, gas supply was capped off in order to replace a gas hob for an induction hob. Any certificates that should have been issued for this? Thanks!
  4. caitlinmooneyx

    Gas installer can't fit cooker

    i live in a council flat in Paisley, Glasgow and i've just had a duel fuel cooker delivered but the gas engineer (hotpoint) said he's not allowed to install it due to there being plastic casing directly behind the oven, the socket for the electricity in the wrong area, and this random pipe with...
  5. N

    Gas Safety Cert help

    Hi everyone, I had a gas safety check 2 weeks ago and received a gas safety cert. But on Friday I could detect a smell gas near my boiler. I rang the gas emergency line and when they came out they confirmed the top of the boiler is leaking gas and carbon monoxide! And immediately slapped a...
  6. O

    Gas Safe Work Placement

    Can some of the Gas Safe registered people advise me what the current situation is with regards to getting a work placement to build-up the required portfolio to do the ACS assessment? I found a training centre offering gas training and a work (presumably unpaid) placement. Is this the usual...