1. D

    Does all D4 glue set in 10 minutes?

    Gluing & screwing ply sheets down to CLS, Toolstation has some cheap (cheaper than Egger) D4, but 10 minutes? Is there a good slower option?
  2. M

    Glueing replacement slates

    Roofer wants to glue in replacement slates. Not sure I like this idea because: - it will make further repairs in the area difficult because there are now 3 slates glued together. A roofer working on second repair would not know this and would have difficulty determining which slates to remove...
  3. S

    Broken bathroom cabinet pivot hinge

    Hi guys Does anyone have an idea on how I can repair this broken bathroom cabinet bracket/hinge which snapped off yesterday? (The pivot pin snapped off). I cannot find a replacement anywhere on Google as nobody seems to make the part. It’s a pivot hinge which screws on to a bracket on the...
  4. Amped

    Old glue coming through the cushion floor / vinyl floor

    Some 30 odd years ago a strong adhesive was used to stick down vinyl flooring in our kitchen, this adhesive is still present and is now drawn up through any new cushion flooring or vinyl flooring we put down. The floor doesn't become tacky, but it does become ugly and stained as the old glue...
  5. U

    Wood floor installation in garden studio

    We've had a big garden studio built, and in an effort to save money on the escalating costs of having it done out (and because we didn't like any of the laminate options available to us), we opted to finish the flooring ourselves. We want to keep costs down, so are looking to install simple...
  6. O

    Fixing options for recessed aluminium channel into plasterboard ceiling

    Hi there. I am installing some led tape and want the aluminium channel recessed into the ceiling. I don't want to drill and screw the channel (it creates an unwanted bulge where the tape runs over the screw) so I am wondering what glue/double-sided-tape might be up to the job and whether I need...
  7. P

    Glue Gun Recommendation

    Hi all, Looking to buy a glue gun. Never used one before, want to have a little play around with some woodworking projects, shelving, cupboard doors etc. Really I want to see how strong the bond is, how it finishes, and how long it takes to go off. All I can see is that they come in 7mm and...
  8. J

    Fixing stainless steel splashback behind hob

    I've bought a stainless steel splash back to fix behind my gas hob instead of tiles. I bought Grip Tite to fix it but on reading the tube it says it's highly flammable. Have I got the wrong product and, if so, what should I have bought to fix it that's non flammable? I'd rather be safe than...
  9. H

    What glue & screw/bolt/nut to use to fix the bathtub drain overflow?

    I was cleaning the bath tub and I had unscrew a cap from the side of bath tub (where the hole is located) below: [![Whole bath tub][1]][1] The cap consists of 2 parts:part A & B as below [![part A & B for cap][2]][2] When I removed part B, the part A is connected by a screw, which comes from...
  10. K

    Is there a Glue or Filler for white PVCU?

    I recently replaced the lock/lever unit on my front door, to fix the old faulty unit. Unfortunately, the new unit did not exactly match my old door frame so I had to make some new holes and leave the old holes in place. Although I tried to fill them using white(-ish:whistle:) epoxy putty, the...
  11. A

    Lifting Glues Chipboard Floorboards - is it worth it?

    Hi, I am laying a new laminate floor in one of the bedrooms and have just lifted the old carpet and had my first look of the tongue and groove flooring. Some of the tongue and groove joints are very loose and when walked on sag and cause the floor to creak slightly - in the extreme cases the...
  12. D

    Glue for Vinyl Flooring

    Hi all, is there a glue that will stick two pieces of vinyl floor tile together. Reason for the question is, I have an uneven transition between a kitchen and a conservatory, instead of overlaying with a threshold strip I wondered if I could glue two pieces of vinyl together (think of an L shape...
  13. D

    Washing machine on lino that isn't glued down - good idea?

    I have a small galley kitchen upstairs, t&g chipboard floor. I don't like fitted units, I would prefer freestanding so I can have unbroken skirting with wall to wall lino, and if I ever need to get in amongst the services beneath the floor I would prefer it if the lino wasn't glued down (it...
  14. J

    Re-enforcing floating shelves

    I would love to hear your advice on how to reinforce B&Q floating shelves. I’ve had the shelves for a number of years and although the plaster is not completely flat so they do not fit snugly I have had no problem with them. I want to put a pendulum clock with a glass dome on the shelf and so...
  15. R

    What glue for joining T&G Engineered Wood Flooring

    What glue should I use for joining Tongue & Groove Engineered Wood Flooring? EWF for approx. 15mm thick and will be installed as a floating floor (installed on typical water-resistant underlay). Sub-floor is concrete and relatively flat. Thank you
  16. K

    glue for door knobs

    Hi all I'm tearing my hair out trying to find some glue to hold door knobs together. I have a metal bolt type element (a furniture joint connector type with a cap nut) and a wooden button which i'm trying to affix on the front. I started with epoxy, followed the instructions and they lasted a...