glue for door knobs

16 Aug 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi all
I'm tearing my hair out trying to find some glue to hold door knobs together. I have a metal bolt type element (a furniture joint connector type with a cap nut) and a wooden button which i'm trying to affix on the front. I started with epoxy, followed the instructions and they lasted a couple of weeks before the buttons fell off the front. I've since tried several other glues, sanded down both the button and metal to give a rougher surface to adhere too etc but all fail. Any suggestions?? They are getting, inevitably a lot of day to day wear, but aren't weight bearing or anything if literally just opening and shutting cupboard doors and drawers.
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Give us a photo of the assembly if you can, Kate.....epoxy will stick almost everything but plastic so there's something amiss.
John :)
What he said ^ a photo would help...

will the glue joint be hidden if so it may be worth giving a polyurethane based adhesive a go...I'd probably go for a construction 'grab' type rather than runny gorilla type glue - something like the nemesis stuff from screwfix or evo stik 'sticks like s***' The reason I'd try these is because you're trying to glue two disparate materials together that expand/contract differently depending on temperature and humidity - a rigid bond can break over time from just this especially if subjected to additional mechanical stress.
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Whoops didn't press the button to get notification of your responses. I've attached some pictures which might help.
Araldite epoxy resin is the adhesive needed here.....but you'll have to remove the varnish from the wood and the anodising from the aluminium.
Scratching the mating surfaces will help give a 'key' for the glue too.
If you still get nowhere consider replacing the whole set with knobs that have a woodscrew coming from the back.
John :)
Could you not change the design so that you start with factory made wooden handles, or a plastic , that have a non metallic shank. Then use small wood screws in the thread holes on the buttons to screw into whatever material you have ?


A short piece of dowel to form the shank.
Pre drilled then this added
And the buttons fixed using four small screws through the thread holes

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