1. handcraftedfloats

    Flat Roof Insulation

    My new(refurbished) bathroom roof is going to be, corrugated metal and Plastisol, 12mm structural exterior ply (fibre glass sealed and planning exposed beams(mono trusses). Can someone direct me to a site showing insulation design and detail options, please.
  2. S

    Broken bathroom cabinet pivot hinge

    Hi guys Does anyone have an idea on how I can repair this broken bathroom cabinet bracket/hinge which snapped off yesterday? (The pivot pin snapped off). I cannot find a replacement anywhere on Google as nobody seems to make the part. It’s a pivot hinge which screws on to a bracket on the...
  3. L

    Restoring old metal windows

    Rather than replace these windows, i'm going to have a crack at restoring them myself. I want to paint the metal and wooden parts of the frame back, in a non gloss finish, maybe a satin. I'll use Nitromors, a scraper and sandpaper to strip the existing paint - maybe wet and dry paper on the...
  4. JD2012

    Is there such a thing as a Electric Needle Gun or Drill Attachment?

    Is there such a thing as a Electric Needle Gun or Drill Attachment? I was removing rust from metal fence posts before painting and its a pain! lol. I don't have a air source.
  5. D

    Cutting aluminium sheet on a table saw

    Hi. Searching the internet I see various YouTube posts where cutting of aluminium sheet is demonstrated. So, my understand is that if the execution of arrangments to cut aluminium is satisfactory, cutting aluminium on a table saw made for cutting wood is acceptable. What I get from looking at...
  6. CrazeUK

    Attaching metal to metal

    Hey Guys Not really a home DIY, but it is a DIY fix non the least. I purchased some Jabra Bluetooth headphones for the stepdaughter. Somehow one of the headphones came off the headband. Either they are not well built, or they got stood on. Anyway. I am wanting to fix them as the everything...
  7. MarkButNoSpark

    Replacing plastic outside light with Metal type

    Hi I was looking to change a broken outside light which is of plastic construction with a new Stainless Steel one, my house is only 5 years old so all the wiring is new. But the instructions on the new light state, and I quote;- Do not wire this lantern into the lighting circuit - use a...
  8. L

    PLEASE HELP! Hairdryer holder made of coat hangers/steel wire

    Hi! I just joined hoping someone here could help me? This is a small project I've been trying to design for several weeks. I'm not the best at non yarn based crafts and I REALLY need help. I want to make something out of coat hangers and or extra steel wire to hold a hairdryer. NOT to hold it...
  9. C

    Fitting curtain pole to wall - metal lintel?

    Hi, I want to fit a curtain pole to the wall, above a pair of windows and door. The problem is there seems to be some sort of metal lintel about 1 inch below the plaster. I've bought the finest drill bits - Milwaukee Thunderweb, set my cordless drill to hammer and max torque and it won't go...
  10. GogoPogoz

    My scratchy knob - can it be restored?

    I have a scratchy knob! ;) Please see photo. Can it be restored? What's the best / safest thing to try? Wire wool? Brasso? T-cut? other? Thanks in advance.
  11. S

    Garden gates

    Can you help me with my discombobulation over options? I have some metal gates across my drive which need tlc. They have been painted before with some kind of matt grey coating. The verticals are fine; the horizontals need a wire brush and a bit of emery cloth. Because I want a particular...
  12. S

    Help me make my metal gates great again?

    I have some attractive metal gates, with golf ball size spheres along the tops and narrow spaces between the uprights. The paint is flaking and I would ideally like to make them smooth and glossy. So, preparation being key, I wonder if you experts can tell me whether I should use sanding...
  13. B

    Best metal to metal binding compound without weld

    I have well and truly screwed (literally) a fixing on my land rover to attach the roof bars. I've snapped off a screw in the hole and whilst trying to remove it by a mixture of ez-out and drilling I now have a second screw snapped off and a snapped drill bit and a snapped ez-out bit stuck in...
  14. F

    Earthing a metal container

    Evening all, I was asked to price a job today which was putting power into a metal container, the sockets and lights would be installed using plastic conduit as the feller doesn't like galvanised conduit, the supply is already there which is a 10mm twin and earth on catinery and this is fed...
  15. K

    glue for door knobs

    Hi all I'm tearing my hair out trying to find some glue to hold door knobs together. I have a metal bolt type element (a furniture joint connector type with a cap nut) and a wooden button which i'm trying to affix on the front. I started with epoxy, followed the instructions and they lasted a...
  16. Jordan Blake

    How can I fix a snapped aluminium tube?

    Hi, The picture below shows a snapped aluminium rod on a turntable. It is very expensive to replace so what would be the best way to make a repair job. Thanks 100_6943 by Jordan Blake posted 13 Aug 2016 at 10:08 PM