Best metal to metal binding compound without weld

14 Feb 2017
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United Kingdom
I have well and truly screwed (literally) a fixing on my land rover to attach the roof bars.

I've snapped off a screw in the hole and whilst trying to remove it by a mixture of ez-out and drilling I now have a second screw snapped off and a snapped drill bit and a snapped ez-out bit stuck in there.

So I am giving that up as a bad job for now and opting for a different method of attaching the final (non load bearing) end of my roof bar.

I want to attach (without welding, which would damage the paint work) a nut just above the original hole and screw my bolt into that.

I was wondering if there were any tried and tested metal to metal adhesives that anyone had tried and would recommend?

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unfortunately i'm not able to use these as I cannot now get a hole in the place they need to go. The hardened steel will be nye on impossible to bore out
I'd be a bit concerned about your roof bars becoming detached here.....any chance of a pic?
True, you'll not drill snapped off bits but it could be possible to drill down along side and pick the debris out.
John :)
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I can get a pic when it's light. I'm never going to attach anything to the roof bars at the point of this fixing. It just needs securing a little stronger that a clip (current). the roof bars are attached with 3 other screws so they are secure. It's a real pain, but this is a temporary fix until I can bring myself to take it to the shop and get it fixed properly which will involve some sort of heat welding the original mount off for a replacement
So, after trying jb-weld. the first bond didn't hold. It has been pretty cold outside. I left it 24 hrs and it popped off 2 mins later after fixing my mount.

I thought it might be down to the cold and the time I left it, so tried again with a little more patience. 48hrs and same result. I decided enough was enough and took it to a welders who has spot welded the nut in place. It took about 10 minutes and cost me £20. I now have piece of mind that it is securely fixed. Cheers for everyone's suggestions.
A good move....these compounds are great for gap filling in cracked castings and so on but they have little tensile strength.
John :)
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