1. Matthew Bester

    Stickers On Copper Pipework?

    DIYer, I want to put coloured stickers on my domestic pipework to make it easier to identify hot, cold, flow, return, etc in the future. Could there be any harm from the adhesive on the stickers reacting with the copper over 10, 20, 30 years? I know some things make copper corrode faster. I...
  2. S

    Crack Repair Help

    Happy Easter all, I am currently redecorating my bathroom and I am trying to repair a crack in the ceiling. I discovered that the crack was due to the board moving and this was due to the original plasterboarder using a ridiculously small piece of scrap timber to increase the joist width and...
  3. W

    Floor tile adhesive

    Hi Can anyone recommend the best adhesive for large format porcelain floor tiles in a kitchen? Also, is there a particular brand of latex (for the floor) that I should get? Thanks
  4. M

    Cracks on coving joins

    I put up duropolymer coving last summer, used plenty of non solvent adhesive also in between the joins. Before painting, I put 2 coats easi fill over the joins and feathered out, sanding in between, then emulsioned over. Soon after I noticed cracks in all places where the joints are. How do I...
  5. Amped

    Old glue coming through the cushion floor / vinyl floor

    Some 30 odd years ago a strong adhesive was used to stick down vinyl flooring in our kitchen, this adhesive is still present and is now drawn up through any new cushion flooring or vinyl flooring we put down. The floor doesn't become tacky, but it does become ugly and stained as the old glue...
  6. D

    What gap to allow between Aquapanel boards, for joint adhesive?

    What gap should I allow when cutting the boards, given that adhesive is being used instead of scrim etc. I gather the adhesive expands? Is this right? Or do I just butt them up tight after glueing, and get the screws in rapid?
  7. LadyArwen

    Coping stones

    Hi, looking for some advice please, we are wanting to add flat coping stones to a wall any advice please on the best way to fix them to the wall? There will be railings going on top. We were going to use mortar however I was advised that this wouldn't be stable enough with railings too. We have...
  8. D

    What finished thickness tile adhesive is usual? Notch size etc

    6.5thk 150x150 (147x147) bathroom wall tiles. Is there a specific size notch trowel for lighter tiles, what thickness finished adhesive thickness would it give? Just trying to get an idea what combined tile+adhesive thickness would be. Thank you
  9. Licklieder

    Adhesive to temporarily stick 5-finger parquet to original bitumen ?

    I am after some advice on what's the best adhesive to use to temporarily re-stick down loose parquet flooring to the original bitumen adhesive. it only needs to last a few weeks as i'll hopefully be moving out soon & starting a full refurb which will include new flooring, so it just needs to...
  10. A


    Just wondering, why whenever I've pulled off tiles in my homes does tile adhesive always look like the photo. Is this just how tileing was done back in the day? Does make it easy to take them off the wall.
  11. janieJones123

    Tile adhesive for tiling hearth

    I am getting a multi fuel stove installed and will be retiling the hearth. I was wondering, are most standard tile adhesives heat resistent enough for the temperatures of a 5kw stove? Possibly non-cement based ones? Or should I get a specific heat resistent adhesive? I found this at a local...
  12. R

    What granite hearth adhesive?

    I’ve laid a new concrete base ready to lay a granite hearth but what adhesive should I use? The open fire will be used on occasions and then only for a few hours like at Christmas. So do I need to use a specialist product from the likes of Vitcas or can I use a normal cement based floor tile...
  13. R

    What is strongest adhesive to repair broken tile

    Location: UK Here is one of the original tiles. No idea what it is called in order to obtain a replacement. However, the idea is to repair one that is broken using a strong adhesive. Any advice on the best adhesive to use would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Roof cap tile by Ryck...
  14. D

    Plasterboard adhesive/dot dab thickness

    I need to fit a door lining where a wall is to be dry lined (presuming that spread would want the door lining fitted before dry lining the wall). 10mm deep cable capping to accommodate, plus 12.5mm board and 3mm skim? I was thinking of setting the door lining maybe 30mm proud, giving approx...
  15. ChrisR

    Adhesive for oven door glass-metal?

    U shaped stainless brackets slot over the hinge pin and are bonded to the outer front glass door - red. "Red" patch is about 3cm x 1cm. Original goo was some sort of silicone I think. Back of glass is a white enamel type paint I think, or maybe it's white-surfaced glass. I tried sanitary...
  16. Careful_Bodger

    Removing hard 'sealant' (possibly adhesive) from uPVC window frames??

    I am trying to clean some uPVC window frames, but the internal corners have been finished with something that does not seem to be silicone. It is quite hard but comes away with scratching, which I don't really want to do. Whatever it is, it is thin with no significant depth. Any thoughts on...
  17. M

    Best method to filling coving gaps please help thanks.

    Hi Guys, Could anyone please assist me on the best method for filling in gaps between coving corners. Sadly, my plasterer could not level the walls or ceilings in my home when re-plastering the home. The condition of the walls and ceiling were much worse and out of level by far, though, things...
  18. B

    Which adhesive?

    Hello and thank you for reading this message. Which adhesive would be best for the following situation? There's a two part folding shower screen which has runners top and bottom and plastic clamps top and bottom at each end of the screen. The top clamps face downwards and the bottom clamps...
  19. N

    Gripfill equivalent in Spain

    I'm need to use a Gripfill equivalent in Spain as Bostik say it is not sold there. Anyone any experience with suitable alternatives?
  20. M

    which adhesive to use on foil backed glass tiles

    I have a small number of foil backed glass tiles to put up round a cloakroom sink. I've read that I need to use a solvent free product so that it doesn't discolour/react with the foil backing. Can I use mirror adhesive or should I use a specialist product? Can anyone suggest a product and...