1. rahul135aws

    Need advice - children climbing frame diy timber question

    Hi Thanks for your feedback in advance :) I want to build a climbing frame that is similar to this. Treated Fence posts are quite expensive and so was looking for a cheaper option. I don't want to buy an existing frame as the kids will eventually grow out of it and its expensive I was...
  2. P

    How do I fix this pocket door without taking it apart?

    I have a pocket door (eclisse I think) that is dragging, I can see that the screws have come loose on one of the runners (not sure of terminology here) where it is fixed to the door with a metal plate. The actual mechanism works fine it just needs to be screwed in properly to stop the door...
  3. S

    Refinish Dining Table

    I have this dineing table which we've had for about 30 years. It has a significant amount of damage to it. Mainly clouding from hot items being placed on the surface, some small chips - probably from being moved a couple of times - and tape residue. The table is expandable so to keep it from...
  4. V

    Dampness on a summer house-What would you suggest?

    I aked this question on reddit but it was suggested I sign up to this forum as there are far more experts on here so here goes! I've been asked to paint the outside of an elderly relative's summer house .It looks to me like it's never been painted and appears to have some kind of dampness or...
  5. S

    How to calculate weight of wooden joists.

    Hello, For an exam assignment I have to calculate an entire construction in wood, for this I need to know what the weight (in kN/m³) of joists is. In my assignment I use I-joist of 90mm wide and 360mm high. I've already seen all kinds of things and all kinds of different numbers (in the...
  6. M

    Painting bay window

    Hello - I’ve recently painted wooden panels of a bay window white. Used x2 coats of zinsser 123 primer / stain killer and x2 dukux satinwood. It needs a final coat, likely with wooden roller, to even put some patches. I’m not sure I like the blue undertones in dukux satinwood all white. Is it...
  7. goldielocks

    Zinsser Gardz as wood primer?

    Can anyone tell me if i can use Zinnser Gardz as a primer on cheap bare timber doors in prep for waterbased gloss?
  8. K

    Making wood flooring on top of concrete finished with tile

    Hello, I need help with my current project I hope more experienced people can help if what I have planned is okay, what should I maybe do different. I live in Europe so building materials might be different. What is important that I have a big balcony which has to elevated around 2 inches. It...
  9. S

    Wood Acclimatising

    I am doing an attic conversion. I have wood for general stud work and I have decided to batten the gable walls 50 x 35 treated. Is 2 weeks generally the standard to acclimate the wood to the space? Is it overkill to do the verticals in 2 or 3 pieces with a few mm gap, (vertical spans 2.36m) or...
  10. CrazeUK

    Wall mounting a TV on dot and dab

    Hi all. This has been coveted in similar ways a number of times. My other half lives in a flat that has dot and dab plaster board walls. Some time ago I decided to use reclaimed pallet wood to make a feature wall. The wood is secure with nails on 5 1.5" x 2.5" buttons running vertically...
  11. Moonhead

    History of old beams in mid 1800s house

    In our old workers cottage, we've got a beam in the living room with cutouts that have been filled with wooden blocks. On the same side of the beam under the floor upstairs, cutouts are present but have not been filled with blocks. Has this beam had a previous life in another building...
  12. A

    Floorboard transition between rooms

    Hello everyone. Happy friday. I am looking for advice on how to finish this strip between two exposed floorboard rooms… There used to be a raised tradition strip that was a trip hazard. I would ideally like to keep the new transition level with the floor. I was thinking to trim the edges of...
  13. B

    Problem with tongue and groove floor

    My lounge was fitted with high-quality engineered wood flooring. The floor was laid on an acoustic underlay and each board is firmly locked side, back and front to adjacent boards by tongue and grooves. After less than a year, one of the boards developed a bulge at its edge, which became raised...
  14. J

    Laying solid wood flooring around base of stairs

    Hi there, I'm laying a solid herringbone floor and have reached a tricky area - the base of the stairs. We are thinking about undercutting the stair stringers, newel post and riser by 6-8mm to allow for an expansion gap, so that when completed, the wood floor will look like it neatly touches...
  15. N

    Engineered wood or laminate over concrete floor

    Hi Will get it professionally fitted, but wondered if one is better than the other on concrete - is one better than the other over anything? Any particular underlay recommended, also same for the flooring itself.
  16. D

    Help with finding the right spindle

    Hi, I’m trying to find some spindles as per the ones in the picture. Would anyone know the name of these ones? Any help would be much appreciated as I’ve spent hours trying to find them with no success. Many thanks in advance.
  17. R

    Restoring a healthy look of a wooden doorbell

    Dear DIYnot members, I am looking to give this wooden doorbell panel a bit of TLC, but I don't know what oil or paint to use in this situation: The panel is exposed to the elements. I don't think it has massively changed from its original colour - perhaps became a few shades brighter. Any...
  18. T

    How to fill gaps in parquet flooring

    I have put a small amount of parquet flooring down for the first time. It looks really nice, but annoyingly has a few small gaps around where the border and other pieces meet. What is the best way to fill these gaps so it is not noticable? I am reading that mixing sawdust with PVA is a big...
  19. R

    Gate has distorted, help!

    I'm installng a replacement fence around my back garden and decided to include a gate. I bought tanalised fencing supplies from my local sawmill (posts, rails and the vertical bits (pickets?) to construct my own fence and gate. The gate I made by building a frame from the 3x1½", screwed together...
  20. A

    Wooden Lintel

    Morning Everyone QQ relating to the above. We have purchased a 1890's 1900's renovation property in sunny Wales and we want to open up an internal wall in between two small rooms to make a larger living space. The previous owner or local builder just wallpapered over everything (including PVC...