google nest

  1. M

    Installing Google Nest with Worcester Bosh 30CDi

    I am looking at replacing my basic thermostat with a google Hive. I am competent with wiring, but I cannot see how to get into the wiring terminals on the Worcester Bosh 30CDi combo boiler. Any tips?
  2. S

    Baxi Main Eco and Nest 3rd Gen wiring

    Hi all, im a going to replace my PROCOMBI CT Plug in Wireless 24HR DIAL Thermostat with a nest 3rd Gen Thermostat. But I'm a bit confused to how best to do this. The image attached is how the old receiver is wired at the min. Can someone advise if they had done one of these before and the best...
  3. C

    Nest v3 - heating not switching off

    Can't find an identical problem, so here goes. Nest v3 installed in the summer, by my local gas engineer. Don't want to bother him again as he took pity on us and charged us an unbelievably low price to sort out many issues left by a previous cowboy. Heating and hot water are on a Y plan...
  4. F

    Pros / Cons of programmable radiator valves

    Hi, We are getting a new Ideal Boiler (not combi) fitted into a 3 storey town house. It has a 2 zone system - split for downstairs / 2 upper floors. We have bought 2 Nest thermostats, one for each zone. In the downstairs zone all but the cloakroom rad have existing Myson TRVs. As part of the...
  5. J

    Replace a Cosy Geo Heating switch with a Nest Heat link

    Hi, Apologies if this is in the wrong place. We’ve recently moved into a house that has a cosy geo installed which we want to replace with a nest system. Having had a look at the current installation I think I need to only use the two wires currently in the T1 box? If I’ve understood the...
  6. Ronsil

    Nest wiring to Glowworm 24C in place of old thermostat

    Hi all, I have just moved into house which has the original 1980's thermostat on the wall. It is very worn and old, we are decorating and would like to replace this, hopefully with a Nest unit. The boiler we have is an old Glowworm Betacom 24c, installed in the loft. It is in very good, like...
  7. S

    Energenie Smart TRV with Google Nest Smart Thermostat

    Hi, Has anyone installed Energenie Smart TRV with Google Nest Smart Thermostat? Are they working good? How compatible they are with Google Nest controls? I want rooms to be controlled separately. Thanks, San