1. O

    Android- bubble booster malware

    I am posting this here to help anyone that makes the mistake of downloading cra.pware such as Bubble Booster. I go a phone call from an elderly relative (via her landline). She was unable to use her Android Motorola because of pop ups asking her if she wants to improve the phone's performance...
  2. HomerJay99

    Google Nest E

    I’ve finally taken the plunge and bought a Nest E which I’ll install myself to replace my 150 year old Honeywell CM51 thermostat (2 wire). It all seems straightforward but I’m a little confused about exactly which temperature sensor is used in determining the current room temperature. It seems...
  3. S

    Installing Nest Thermostats

    Hi I would like to install 2 nest thermostats to replace the 2 thermostats I currently have in my home. My boiler is an Ideal Logic ES38 and it's controlled by 2 Honeywell CM707 thermostats. One for upstairs and one down. I've watched loads of videos and read tons and seems pretty...
  4. WildWolf

    Google Nest E installation - boiler not powering on

    I've just installed a Nest E in place of our old thermostat and it doesn't appear to be working correctly. The Nest E and the Heat Link both communicate with each other fine but when the power is switched on at the mains, the boiler doesn't power up. I've attached a photo of the old thermostat...
  5. A

    Replacing current thermostats to Nest 3rd gen thermostats

    Hi I would like to change my current thermostats to google nest thermostats. This is my current thermostat and inside I don't know if it is relevant but my boiler is Logic Combi ESP i35 boiler and it is dual-zone. I found where are my motorised valves, however, I'm not sure what to do...
  6. S

    Recommendations: new wireless system with sensor, camera and Google integration

    Hi About to move to a new property. Looking for a DIY system including cameras , sensors and ideally Google home integration. Sensors need to be pet friendly. Ideally predominantly wireless though will wire some elements of needed Recommendations appreciated.
  7. MarkD1990

    Nest Thermostat E to Baxi Duotec Combi

    Hi all, I'm new to this so I will get to the point and try to be clear as possible. I'm currently trying to install a Nest Thermostat E with Heat Link to a Baxi Combo Duotec 28. There is currently a Horstmann Hrt4-zw attached with the wiring below for the wireless receiver. Now how do I...
  8. eveares

    Google Chrome (Windows Desktop) Home/Reload icon changed?

    My reload and home icons on the status bar in Google Chrome seem to have just subtly changed to a silhouette/outline style. Anyone else notice this change. Currently on Version 53.0.2785.116 m (The Home icon can be enabled under "Appearance" in "Settings".) Before: Google Chrome Icon Changes...
  9. M

    Valliant EcoTec Open Vent + Google Nest v3

    Hi guys - Hoping someone can help. I am having some building work kicking off in January, and with it is a Valliant EcoTec Openvent 38kw boiler (excited!) - there will be two zones, one for the underfloor heating in the kitchen, then the other for the remainder of the house's radiators...