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    Removing grohe cartridge

    What do folks think about this? I thought fixing a leaky faucet would be an easy project, but seems cartridges have fair amount of grout and are stuck.
  2. L

    Question on Grohe concealed cistern

    Hi there Thank you for reading my question I have a Grohe concealed cistern. I have an issue where, after flushing, the water does not shut off once the cistern is full, and it has a continuous small flow into the bowl. After 2 or 3 flushes, the water will shut off once the cistern is full...
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    Water spurts out top of cistern when flushing

    Hi, I've just installed a Grohe concealed cistern. All seems good, however, when I flush the toilet a bit of water spurts out the top of what I believe is the flush valve mechanism. I've attach a photo of the part in question: This only occurs when I press the flush button, if I reach in...
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    Grohe Concealed Cistern - Install Question

    I am in the process of refreshing a bathroom. Basin: B&Q Nira 804 Basin Cabinet: B&Q Imandra Grey 800 Toilet Unit : B&Q Imandra Grey Toilet Unit Toilet: GSI Norm 55 Back-to-wall Cistern: Grohe 39053 Concealed Cistern The question I have relates to the cistern, WHY do I need a "min. 220"...
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    How to fit Grohe wall hung toilet flush

    Hi I've got a Grohe wall hung toilet flush. Plasterers recently removed the wall plate for the flush and now that plastering is done I want to put it back on. The problem is I cannot work out how it goes together. Has anyone fitted on of these before? I think when you press the button it blows...
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    Grohe basin mixer tap misbehaving, but cannot get cap off

    I have a Grohe "Eurosmart Cosmopolitan" mixer tap which doesn't turn fully to the right (cold). I fear was incorrectly installed, but no way to get the cowboy back so must fix it myself. I took the grub screw out no problem, but for some reason the handle isn't coming off like it should. Is it...
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    Grohe Rapido cartridge

    I got a call from home to say they couldn't turn off the shower.... Its a Grohe Rapido with the shower/bath diverter kit (Allure etc). Is this likely to be the cartridge needing replacing ? It doesn't look too tricky to do from the instructions, but I don't want to waste (quite a lot of) money...
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    Unable to identify fixed shower head fitting - is this a Grohe?

    Hi - looking to replace a wall-fixed shower head. Immediately running into some issues: It is +10yrs old and is likely discontinued, although someone has mentioned it may be a Grohe. I have approached Grohe my contact says he has never seen it before. - any ideas of the brand will help...
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    Bathroom Taps & Fittings from Germany - will they fit in the UK?

    Sorry for sounding like such an amateur, but I am! The wife wants several bathrooms redone in a house we just bought. Going to be talking to a plumber next week. Was just browsing around to get a handle of the costs of taps, shower heads, etc. Saw that there are some Germany based online shops...
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    Shower/bath mixer tap broken

    Hey guys, I was hoping for your advice as I have little experience of plumbing and want to have a bash at fixing this myself. Long story short, the bath tap/shower seems to only be able to run from very warm (at coldest) to quite hot (at it's hottest). So it doesn't go hot enough for a hot...
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    Grohe Talentofill waste connection

    I have installed a Grohe Talentofill (28991000) now need to connect the waste. As usual the waste now poses a problem. It appears that the swivel waste outlet of the Talentofill had an outside diameter of 47mm. At first I figured this must be a 50mm compatible fitting (as stated in the Grohe...
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    Grohe Shower Wireless Main Controller (45441) not working

    Hi, I recently moved into a property where we have two Grohe shower units, one with a main controller and one with a remote controller (45440). The main controller has not worked since we moved in (no display comes on, even with newly changed batteries). The shower operates without the...