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    Best option for swapping halogen spotlights for LED

    Evening all, I'm a bit behind in the world of LED lighting as before having a baby earlier this year, we didn't really use the main lights very often. However, the existing halogen spotlights are now getting a lot more use (and some of the transformers have died) so I think it's time to look...
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    Halogen hob wiring

    We bought a hob to replace the old one, and got a B&Q halogen hob. These come pre wired with 4mm 5 wire configuration. At the plug/socket end Two connected live's, two connected neutral's and 1 earth. Not knowing this, thinking would be three pin plug arrangement. I'm stumped a little. Looking...
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    Security light replacement bulbs advice

    Hi I've a 6 year old b&q licina blooma security light which was using halogen bulbs. I bought some G9 bulbs hoping to replace the old halogen bulbs and went for these https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07F1P81GZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabt1_frdVFbFFJZSWQ?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Hoping they would brighten...
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    LED Halogen Equivalents

    I want to replace x6 MR16 35 watt halogen lights with x6 GU10 LEDS At the moment I need to work out which LED bulbs to purchase. The bulbs in place at the moment are 35 watt MR16 halogens 35 degree beam angle 427 lumens (or something like that but it is above 400 according to the box the bulbs...
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    LED replacement bulbs too dim

    In our kitchen we have 8 concealed down-lighters in the ceiling – each with a Reflekto 185051 clear 36degree 2700K 12v 50watt halogen bulb (which are 45mm long). I am keen to replace these with an LED equivalent – but one which hopefully gives a light which is as similar to what exists as...
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    Halogen to LED

    By all means I'm no electrician. I'm changing the spot lights in our house from halogen to LED. I have the GU10 fly leads (converters) but when I take down the old halogen leads and affix the new ones it doesn't work.... What am I doing wrong? It is literally just 2 small black wires L &N coming...
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    problem removing halogen gu5.3/gu10 lightbulb black plastic circle blocking it

    Hi, I am replacing halogen recessed lightbulb in bathroom of my apartment (no attic). I was able to remove metal retaining clip and coverglass but halogen lightbulb is blocked by black plastic ring and there is not enough room between bulb and fitting to remove it. I am not sure if bulb is gu5.3...
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    12v Transformer problem - flashing lights

    I have a 12v AC cable/track light set with 4 x 50w halogen bulbs in parallel. The transformer recently failed so I purchased a new one which is rated at 0-210W which I thought was high enough to cope with the load. The transformer I purchased is a Varilight electronic transformer YT210Z...