1. PotterD

    Fireplace backer

    For an older Bis woodburning fireplace I have attached 1/4 hardie backer surround. It is loose against the fireplace sheet metal but secured to studs on both sides. While deciding on tiles, a hairline crack developed over the door of the fireplace. I filled with thinset (mapei ultraflex) and...
  2. R

    Fixing hardiebacker to plywood floor

    Hi all, I have a 18mm plywood subfloor screwed onto joists in my first floor bathroom. My plan is to fix 6mm Hardiebacker to the plywood, and then tile onto the hardie What I am struggling with is finding a suitable adhesive for fixing the hardie, which I will then screw down too Guys in...
  3. J

    Tiling on first floor wooden floor. What the best way?

    I have to start tiling my upstairs bathroom and got opposite opinion between sticking hardiebaker or using ditra matting before applying the floor tile. What your opinion on this and what would be the best reliable way? Thanks
  4. J

    Tile adhesive or deywall adhesive?

    I have some hardie backer boards to be installed onto a breeze block wall and then tiled. The hardie board website says to use tile adhesive to level uneven walls when installing the boards... do you think I can use drywall adhesive instead as I have some left over?
  5. Jordan Downie

    Suitable Subfloor for Underfloor Heating

    I am having a plated underfloor heating system installed between the joists of my suspended timber floor throughout the house, so, I was wondering what the best subfloor type is to lay over the joists when the UFH has been installed. So the floor joists are at roughly 450mm centres which is...
  6. A

    Best substrate for half height tiling

    Hi everyone. I'm about to embark on a complete bathroom refit (very small bathroom approx. 3.2sqm) that will have a corner shower with full height tiling in 8mm porcelain tiles (approx 100mm across). The remainder of the room will be 9mm porcelain hexagon tiles (approx. 250mm across) up to a...
  7. C

    PVA, SBR or BondIt?

    I have a brick wall that I intend to install a bath against with a fixed shower head: I'll use either tile backer board (insulation + cement layer) or hardibacker with a tanking kit; attaching via dot and dab (plasterboard adhesive) and screws + washers to hold it in. However, what's the...
  8. cwhaley

    HardiBacker Board - Gap Behind

    I'm prepping the fireplace in our front room for a new log burning stove. All of the brickwork/mortar is sound but I want to cover in 12mm concrete board (HardieBacker), as this is what I've been advised to do by the local authorities. First of all, is this gap necessary? No problem at all if...
  9. D

    Bathroom subfloor questions

    I know this gets asked a lot but I couldn't find a thread discussing the exact points I'm confused about. I'm refurbing a small (1.4 x 2.4m) shower room. The fitter has proposed the following for the subfloor: - 18mm moisture resistant chipboard screwed to the joists at 250mm centres, with...