heat exchanger

  1. S

    Descaling boiler in thermal store system

    Old Ferroli combi boiler (with the combi function no longer used, I believe copper HE), directly charging an approx 170l thermal store. Does everything I want from it - or will when I find time to get all the controls as I want them (individually controlled rads, variable flow temp depending on...
  2. N

    Boss Supergreen inside heating pipes

    Goo In Pipe by Nigel R posted 14 Sep 2021 at 4:16 PMHi, I'm part way through having a boiler installed, and in a main valve and another compression joint my heating engineer has used a LOT of green goo that I think must be Boss Supergreen. There are gobs of it inside the ends of the pipe and in...
  3. J

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 28i Junior Combi Boiler - Help

    Hi there, Link to Manual: https://www.worcester-bosch.co.uk/support/literature/download/release/6720644741/12637 Not a plumber, just an infuriated owner of the subject boiler. I had a oil to gas conversion done and this boiler installed late 2013 by what I perceived to be a competent...
  4. M

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 35 HE Plus - Secondary Heat Exchanger

    I have a service contract with WB for this boiler. Would a scaled up secondary heat exchanger be covered? For some years now our radiators have been getting hot in summer. In 2018 they changed the 3 way valve head. In 2019 they changed the complete 3 way valve. It still did it. In 2020 a...
  5. R

    Heat exchanger, buffer tank or low loss header?

    I'm putting in a completely new central heating system to feed radiators (150m2 of house across two floors - about 13 radiators) and provide hot water (1 shower, 4 sinks). For this, I'll be installing a Samsung 12kw Heat Pump and a 20tube solar thermal array (58mm hot tubes with alcohol fill)...
  6. Humbug64

    Heat exchanger cold front half ?

    Title was going to be "cold front warm rear" but sounds rude. Anyway, I changed heat exchanger on Grant Combi 70 V3 as it was leaking . Fiddly, but all ok without leaks. Now it's hot towards the back, cold at front. Flow from hot tap is lukewarm. PV Schrader valve leaking too ... I thought...
  7. B

    Future proofing a boiler

    Hi, We've just moved into a 4 bed / 1 bath detached house. The combi boiler is around 8 years old, it's working but when our friend who is a gas engineer serviced it recently he believes there is a problem with the heat exchanger. We're looking to extend the house in the near future, extending...
  8. R

    grant combi 90 - hot water - cold

    Hi , I'll try and answer as much as I can CH fine - changed 3 way valve 2 year ago, changed pump around year ago along with air vent and recent PRV. HW flow always been low, pulled of the Flow valve & the CW in filter was blocked, a little scale inside bottom of the valve itself, valve seems...
  9. T

    Vokera combi boiler very rapid cycling

    I found a post on here with a similar problem and have been advised to start a new thread as this is for a different brand. This looks a very good site! We are having a big problem with hot water supply to taps and the shower, especially upstairs. Hot water will heat rapidly then go stone...
  10. R

    Bathroom extraction

    Hi I'm new to this forum and looking for some advice. I'm currently refurbishing my house and I'm looking for advice / pros and cons of a standard fan vs something like a continuous running unit or heat exchanger. It's a 3 bed semi with 2 bathrooms upstairs and and a toilet downstairs. It's...
  11. T

    Ideal Mini HE C28

    Settle down for a long story...... A few months ago we started getting the hot, cold, hot , cold issue with our water. we had a bit of a nightmare trying to get a plumber to have a look which is a story for another time. He recommended changing the Thermistor, so he got the part and did the...
  12. B

    ADVICE please on O ring set, Ferroli boiler ??

    Hi All I have a CRAPPY Ferroli Domicompact F24B boiler. Can anyone confirm this is the correct O ring set i need for the 4 pipes help in by cheapy clips on the Secondary Heat Exchanger ? Its on page 32, labelled no. 277 -...
  13. V

    Potterton Prima 80F Boiler.........its that time of year and ive had enough

    Hi Everyone Its been quite some time since ive been on the site so take care with me...Ta We have a Potterton Prima 80F boiler, gravity fed system etc. This has been tripping out after 20 odd minutes, pump seems fine, 3 way valve fine. I thought it could be air as ive been doing a bathroom for...
  14. H

    Vaillant 831 plus plate heat exchanger replacement - how to?

    Have a vaillant ecotec plus 831 Could someone right up a quick how to. E.g.: >turn off cold water > turn off boiler > run hot water taps ........ Please see pictures attached for reference
  15. J

    Unblocking a Heat Exchanger on Worcester 532i combi?

    (I'm no expert but will do a lot of research and attempt most things if it will save me money and is legal to do myself) I moved into this house 1 year ago, but I think the boiler (Worcester 532i) is about 8-9 years old. At the weekend I moved a radiator (Someone had mounted it very high on...
  16. Z

    Worcester 28cdi rsf heating on constantly

    Hi Had my boiler virtually rebuilt about a year ago by BG - new heat exchanger, diverted valve, pump. Have an issue starts this morning in that the heating won't turn off. Hot water works really well, no loss of water temp, programmer (electronic, built into boiler fascia) set to off for...
  17. E

    Baxi Duotec 40 HE - Tearing my hair out

    Hi folks. Bear with me, most posts on here ask for information so here it is. Wonder if anyone can shed any light on the problems I am having with my boiler? And before anyone jumps to the conclusion I will be looking to fix it myself - I won't, there is a gas safe plumber coming tomorrow (...
  18. M

    More appalling Vaillant customer service

    Just sent this to their customer service dept: -- I've just had the unfortunate experience of becoming one of your service plan customers, and it's been all bad so far. Zero points for customer service. What happened? The inlet pipe on the heat exchanger of my Vaillant ecoTEC plus 624 boiler...