heat pump

  1. L

    UFH + heat pump - is it connected correctly?

    Hi, we had UFH installed dowstairs in our house recently, and I'm not 100% sure that it's connected correctly. I'd be grateful if someone could have a look at the diagrams and tell me if what the plumber did makes sense. The house is heated with an A2W Samsung/Joule heatpump. The buffer...
  2. J

    Installing underfloor heating to future proof the property

    I am considering if we should install underfloor heating as a way of future proofing our property. Currently the property has modern radiators (i.e. not cast iron) and a 2 old gas boilers, one for heat and one for water. I understand that underfloor heating would work with the existing gas...
  3. B

    Water underfloor heating - 1970s bungalow, insulation under concrete

    Hi, I need some advice on what wet UFH system to get for our renovation of a 1970s 3 bed bungalow. The house had subsidence so in the process of fixing that the floors were dug up and replaced with the following construction: hardcore base, membrane, 150mm insulation, concrete finish. We're left...
  4. C

    New build hybrid heating system - badly configured?

    Hi, I've moved into a new build, built by CALA Homes. Overall, the house is great, but I'm not so sure about the heating system. Outside there's a Daikin air-source heat pump. In the garage there's a gas boiler. Upstairs there's a hot water storage tank. Concern 1: The heat pump only heats...
  5. S

    Bosch heat pump dryer - tank full - but with evacuation hose

    Hello - using a Bosch series 8 heat pump condensation dryer with AutoClean function (Bosch WTX87M09FF). Machine is 1 month old, brand new and works fine. I have followed the directions in extreme detail to install the evacuation hose on the dryer so as not to have to empty the condensation...
  6. R

    Heat exchanger, buffer tank or low loss header?

    I'm putting in a completely new central heating system to feed radiators (150m2 of house across two floors - about 13 radiators) and provide hot water (1 shower, 4 sinks). For this, I'll be installing a Samsung 12kw Heat Pump and a 20tube solar thermal array (58mm hot tubes with alcohol fill)...
  7. R

    Samsung EHS control board rs-232 serial interface

    Very specific question here for folks who have owned / installed a Samsung EHS Monobloc heat pump. I'm looking to buy one myself in a month or two, but am scoping out possibilities of monitoring this appliance locally using a self-hosted platform (home assistant, for the curious). I am aware...
  8. Branflake98

    Nest Thermostat E Installation

    Hi, I plan on installing a Nest Thermostat E with Heat Link to my property however can’t seem to match up the wiring on the apps instructions. The property was built last year and has air source heating installed, I have, in the cupboard some sort of tank with a Daikin control panel. I have...