heating controlls

  1. Paulius

    New thermostat wiring

    Hi, I hope someone can help me with this. I just got new thermostat but I'm a bit confused with the wiring. Because my old thermostat have only 3 cables- L,N and call for heat cable. The new thermostat I know when to connect L and N but I don't know in which port I need to connect -call for heat...
  2. S

    Centaurplus c27 power

    Hello, we have the centaurplus c27 and it currently has no power. I am trying to establish if the problem is the central heating programme or the power supply. I have removed the until from the wall and replaced the battery. Does anyone know if the unit needs to be back on the back plate in...
  3. Noisy76

    Help replacing old thermostat with new

    Hi I have a new thermostat for our central heating which I'd like to install, however I'd like some guidance on wiring it in. I have some experience in electrical work, and have taken precautions to isolate the wiring, and checked with my multimeter, so everything is safe to work with...
  4. Ali708

    Help please to remove Danfoss 103 timer

    Hello guys it’s my first time here and please ignore my English as its not soo good,i have Danfoss 103 timer in my home and it is making too much ticking noises i need help to get it removed as I’ve got Honeywell cm707 thermostat in the room which works as full controller/timer so i think there...
  5. J

    Hive wiring.

    I’ve recently bought Hive and want to have ago at installing it myself. I have a basic understanding of wiring and once I can figure out what does what on my old programmer I'm sure it’ll be fairly straight forward. Can someone explain to me what (if possible) these wires are doing...
  6. E

    Heating not turning off when temperature is reached on thermostat

    I have a Danfoss thermostat which is normally set to 19 degrees. When the temperature of the room has been reached the hearing used to turn off automatically. Recently it has just been getting hotter and hotter. I have tried to turn the heating off via the thermostat but the radiators just keep...
  7. R

    Honeywell st699

    Hi I am studying to become a service and breakdown engineer and I came across a Honeywell st699 today and was wondering from the picture would anyone be able to tell me which wires are from the heating thermostate. Thanks
  8. David W

    Thermostat wiring confusion

    I am swapping my old Timeguard dial stat which is 3 wire for a Honeywell THR870CUK digital programmable stat. The installation instructions are not the best so need a bit of advice as which wires go where, I have included a picture of the old stat wiring and a wiring diagram and connections of...