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    Gypsum repair for heavy load

    I was affixing a wall anchor to a hollow plasterboard and the bolt inside rounded because it was defective (it round two more bolts). So I removed it and of course damaged the gypsum. Can you advise on how I can fix this to attach a new wall anchor? John **picture of wall anchor and hole attached.
  2. M

    How to move a big stone

    Hi everyone, I have an old stone butchers table left in the cellar. (It’s a Victorian house) It’s about 180cm tall and about 10cm thick. Need to move it, it looks to be made of sandstone. Unfortunately it’s been bolted to the wall with some brackets and there’s some wiring behind it we need...
  3. E

    A heavy light fitting and a Victorian plaster ceiling rose

    Hi everyone I hope someone can advise me with this problem. We have moved into a house with handsome original ceiling roses, which I don't want to damage. The previous owners had some pretty chunky chandeliers installed, and in the centre of the ceiling rose there's an 8cm hole with a hook in...
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    Bifold Door Leaking and Defying Gravity!

    Hi all! Long term lurker, first time poster here - been using DIYnot forums for many years and always managed to find an answer, alas this one has me stumped so time to create an account and get posting! We have some bifold doors in our kitchen that occassionaly leak in a very specific place...
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    Hanging a very heavy mirror in a chimney stack.

    Hi, quite newb here and need some advice. I have a 15kg mirror (it's oak, it's big!) I want to hang in the bedroom. It already has D-rings on it so I just need to put in something to hang it from. I'm 90% certain it's too heavy for regular 'tap in a nail' picture hooks. My house is a 1920's...
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    How to lower a heavy stone resin shower tray into position in tight space

    Simple question - can anyone recommend a technique for lowering a heavy stone resin shower base into position onto a bed of mortar. The tray is to fit inside a cubicle , boarded on 3 walls . The opening is ~810mm wide and the tray 800mm giving me little room for maneuver and weighing in at...
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    1 Tonne Beam Help

    Hi Everyone, I am putting an extension on my house (3 bed Semi) and we are opening up the back of the house to make it open plan. The steel calculations have come back and I have to put in a 8 m 305 x 305 118 Universal column which is 1 tonne in weight. My problem is the restricted access I...