hot water always on

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    Water heating system for a flat without a flue

    Hi, I have a copper immersion heater which heats water for my hot taps, bath and shower. It is in a second floor flat and uses a seperate water pump. Both are plugged in on the same dedicated circuit. I want to update the water heating system so that I have hot water on demand. Currently I have...
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    Siemens RWB9 Not running according to program

    Hi everyone, I've set the on/off cycles for both HW and CH differently. Irrespective of the whats shown on the display (Auto, On, Off etc), both CH & HW seem to be always on ie if I open the tap, the water is hot and if I open the TRV, it turns on the radiator. I'm renting an apartment. I...
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    Central heating system - hot water won’t switch off until whole system shuts down

    Hi I’ve got many fingers crossed in the hope that some of you good people can help me... It’s an ‘S’ system traditional gas boiler with a hot water tank and radiators, with two 2-port valves to separate the HW and CH parts of the system. I can use the programmer no problem to fire up either or...
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    Main / Baxi Combi problem

    Hello, I've been reading lots of posts on here and thought I had a solution to my problem but after some investigating I ain't so sure. I'll start with the symptoms: Main HE 30 Combi. Differential valve push rod stuck out, so micro-switch was always engaged, so constant hot water demand. Lots...
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    Nest 3rd Gen Problem - Hot Water comes on with Heating

    Morning all, I was hoping somebody could help me with a Nest 3rd gen installation please? My problem is that the Hot Water comes on with the Heating, even when it's set to off from the app. My set up was: Boiler: Vaillant EcoTec Plus 630 Tank: Megaflow 210l Programmer: Honeywell ST9400c...
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    Hot water always on

    My boiler install was finished yesterday and after testing and checking heating hot water worked etc the plumber turned the switches on the programmer to off but I could still hear the boiler running I said is that normal and he said yea will take a moment to shut down. 10 minutes later it is...