immersion heater economy 7

  1. SteveJ1967

    Economy 7 trips circuit breaker each night when cheap rate kicks in

    Economy 7 system. New distribution board. Plumber has changed the fitting on the tank twice. He says it’s the electrics and blames the electrician. The electrician says electrics are fine and it’s the plumbers fault. Result remains I can’t heat my water on a cheap rate overnight and I have paid...
  2. Nixstar

    How to use Telford Tristor Thermal store economically

    Hi, Somebody please help! I have recently moved into a home with a Telford Tristor Thermalstore used to heat the water in the flat. Problem is that after 1 and a half showers, hot water has run out. In fact, the hot water is never really that hot. A plumber has been over and changed the...
  3. E

    Immersion Heater not working

    Hi all, I suspect this may need to be something I get my landlord to sort out, but I thought I would get some information first. We have an electric immersion heater that started giving us some trouble before Christmas. It would sometimes fail to heat up overnight on the Economy 7 settings, but...
  4. A

    Electric Hot water tank with two heating elements

    Hi All, I have a question regarding an electrically heated hot water tank. I'm new to DIY and this forum so apologies in advance if I have posted in the wrong place. There are two heating elements attached to the hot water tank. One at the bottom and one near the middle. The one hear the...
  5. A

    Water Heater Tank - stops hot water completely

    Hi, I've just bought a house and it has a hot water tank (Elson Opal) and a power shower. For some reason when showering, after a certain amount of time, the hot water just stops and the shower can't run. It's not that there's just cold water, there's almost no water coming out at all. The...
  6. P

    Fitting a 27 inch 1Kw Immersion Heater Element

    I am contemplating replacing my 3Kw element with a 1Kw in order to take advantage of the spare electricity from my solar panels during sunny days. My plan would be that I would use off-peak electricity to top-up the heat on dull days. I see that it is now possible to buy 27 inch 1Kw elements...
  7. I

    Vented Thermal Store Installation

    Hi - I need to replace an old vented thermal store because the eco7 immersion has gone and the plumber has advised that it's seized in place and the whole tank will need to be replaced. The tank in question is a Gledhill Torrent (which I don't think are made now) but I've looked around and it...
  8. P

    Economy 7 immmersion heater

    hi, I’ve got a thermal store water heater running on two immersion heaters, one boost and one on eco7 circuit. The eco7 one seems to have started working only intermittently. Occasionally I’ll get up and find that the water is running cool when it should have been heated overnight. Usually it’s...
  9. W

    Economy 7 cylinder - top immersion heater not functioning

    Hi DIYnot, hope you can help Recently moved into a flat with an economy 7 cylinder with 2 heaters in it. The bottom heater of the 2 is the one that runs with economy 7 power at night - this one is working fine. But the top one (which should be providing on demand water heating at any point...