inspection chamber

  1. mikey1123

    Manhole/Inspection Chamber Filling with groundwater! Please Help

    Hello Everyone. We have recently had a 400ft Deep Bore Well Drilled on our land. The well contractor made us excavate 2 feet below the well head (Challenging as we are right ontop of the bedrock/granite) and then returned to install the pump and told us to build a chamber around the well head...
  2. M

    Inspection Chamber holding water

    I have just moved into a new build and I lifted the access on an inspection point to check it and I found that it has sewage sitting in it. The amount is about 2 inches deep and it backs into the feed into it (which eventually goes under the house inot an internal fall pipe) so there is likely...
  3. R

    Filling an inspection pit

    I've demolished our old garage which has an inspection pit. The bottom is below the water line and in wet weather a pool of water forms. I want to fill it with the blocks from the garage and then pour cement to the top six inches so it's level with the floor. I have three questions: 1) Do I...
  4. P

    Inspection chamber - single or double skin brickwork?

    I'm building a brick inspection chamber. I've read some things online that say that they should have a double skin with engineering bricks. I know many are only single skin, like my existing inspection chamber that is built with normal (non-engineering) bricks. Should it be double skin or not...
  5. P

    Inspection chamber adapter?

    I need to get a 110mm pipe into my existing inspection chamber. It was built in the 80's and there were apparently common around that time. I've removed a blank and chiselled concrete away but I'm just left with a hole in the plastic. The existing pipe has a nice adapter, but I have no idea...
  6. Berserker

    New soil pipe for upstairs bathroom

    Hi I have tried to find a similar question but have struggled so hopefully someone can advise. We want to put a bathroom upstairs, currently the toilet downstairs goes straight into the ground and out to a shared soil pipe leading to a manhole. We are closest to the manhole so the pipe is...
  7. GoodOne

    Cover Inspection Chamber with patio..

    Hiya, I would like to lay patio in my garden, however the area that I would like to cover has this thing called 'Inspection Chamber' as picture below. Would really appreciate any advise. Thanks
  8. M

    looking to remove concrete pad in garden - but it contains a inspection chamber

    Hi all, I wonder if I could get your advice? There is a old concrete pad in our garden. It used to have a gargage standing on it. But we took the garage down. We're now looking to remove the pad itself and turn it back to soil/grass. We have a breaker - and I have worked away at the thickest...
  9. U

    Underground drainage design : drop shaft & ensuring future compatibility for moving bathroom

    The original cracked/leaking clay drainage of the house has been disconnected and partially removed, with an inspection chamber installed as described in this thread (thank you to those who so kindly offered advise) We have temporary drainage set up & need to figure out the next step. This is...
  10. B

    Inspection Chamber Coupling & Size of Chamber

    I need a drainage coupling to fit a plastic pipe to clay. Adding in a plastic Inspection Chamber system replacing existing which is connected via clay pipe. Space will be tight the existing clay pipe is obviously fixed in position so getting the couplings over the pipes when in place will be...
  11. B

    Brick Built Single Skin Inspection Chamber OK for Car

    I have a brick built inspection chamber on my drive. Its single skin and in poor repair, I can replace the top couple of courses but a bit concerned about whether it should be a double skin structure, with engineering bricks etc. Don't want my new car to go down a hole in the drive. Any thoughts?
  12. hellopaul2

    Where to buy a 300mm dia Osma inspection cover?

    Hello, I was hoping someone would have a recommendation where I could buy a plastic, 300mm diameter Osma (or compatible) 3-screw round inspection cover (some idiot managed to MELT one in my garden and I need to replace it). But I've found plenty of larger ones, or places selling the whole...
  13. O

    New inspection chambers- what size?

    Evening all,hopefully this is in the right place (there isn't a forum for poo pipe). This will be tricky without drawing it but here goes. House is detached, about 15 metres away from nearest house at the gable end wall that matters. Existing drainage goes (from 2 gullies and a stack at the...
  14. N

    Do I Need a Manhole or an Inspection Chamber or Neither?

    I have just purchased a victorian terraced property which still has an outdoor toilet approx 2m from the rear of the property. The local water board has confirmed this pipe runs the length of the garden (approx 20m) and connect into their main sewage pipe. THIS IS THE ONLY FOUL DRAINAGE on the...
  15. canofcoke

    Moving an Inspection Chamber

    Hello there this is a first post, so please be gentle! I am in the process of planning an extension to my ground floor flat (Flat1) and am wondering of the possibility of moving an inspection chamber that is in the way. There are 3 other flats above my flat in a Victorian terrace located in...