1. T

    Insulating bay window upstairs and ceilings

    Hi This is my first post and a DIY job that is new to me so excuse me for any basic terms that I will use ( still in the learning process).After reading various posts regarding the same project I am undertaking I am well and truly confused. My 1950's house has bay windows, we are renovating...
  2. A

    Insulating Victorian floors with wool

    I’m going to insulate the voids between the ground floor and 1st floor of our house with sheeps wool laid onto either a breathable membrane or a wire net. Has anyone experience of doing this with a Victorian property? Or would you like to throw your advice in? I’m aware that our house is a...
  3. G

    Advice with eaves insulation.

    Hi, Sorry if this isn't in the correct place but I am new to this site. I've got a wall that has an access panel into the eaves space and it's a stud wall with a polythene vapour barrier and plasterboarded straight onto the polythene (Done before I moved in) what insulation methods would be...
  4. A

    Wet, drafty utility room

    Hello, I have a utility room that is wet from condensation, freezing cold to the touch and really drafty with 2 air bricks and a extractor fan! The plaster is all shot and it's only single brick all external walls with an internal door separating it from the bathroom. I assume this may have been...
  5. C

    Insulation of exposed wooden floor FROM BELOW

    Evening all, Firstly, Happy New Year! I’m planning on insulating underneath the floor boards in my living room. 1900s terraced house so adequate crawl space to do from below, plus I don’t want to damage the floor by lifting up. From research I understand best practice is a vapour barrier...
  6. S

    Half Brick, Half wooden Frame wall

    I noticed in the bedroom dormer in my house that the wall under the window is very cold. I decided to open up a small hole in the plasterboard to check it out. Turns out there was a hole to the outside and a bird had made a nest in the wall. Once I fix that, I want to insulate the wall, so i...
  7. M

    Insulating the roof of an old house

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a small house the roof of which has been re-tiled some years ago with concrete tiles but there is no felt under the tiles. It's a storey-and-a-half house so the upstairs floor is in the roof space/rafters, and I want to insulate this roof space to use as bedroom space...
  8. A

    10-15mm gap under insulated plasterboard?

    Hi I have bought a couple of insulated plasterboards (Knauf XPS Laminate Plus Insulated Plasterboard Tapered Edge) to go on a ground floor external wall that is cold and it cant be insulated externally. I understand that on ground floors, you need to leave a 10-15mm gap between the bottom of...
  9. D

    Upgrading A 1930’s House’s Energy Rating

    Most people when when upgrading a 1930’s house they think changing the boiler and replacing windows will keep them warmer and save costs on heating but that’s really only going to help so far people don’t realise the cold air under their feet and the pipes under their floor are likely not...
  10. C

    Garden water pipe elbow - how to insulate

    Hi I’ve got an outside tap with blue mdpe pipe. 2 questions 1)I’d like to insulate it - guessing with the standard grey foam tubes. do I insulate the wider elbow connections and how/what with? 2) What’s the best way to paint the insulation so it blends in on the render wall. Thanks in advance.
  11. Andy_r2o3

    Insulate slate roof

    Hi I am looking to create a warm storage space in my loft. House dates to 1900 Original slate roof I want to insulate the rafters and eventually add plasterboard etc. There is no felt beneath the slate roof. I have not noticed any leaks up there. Can I add the insulation boards into the...
  12. N

    Insulating under 1st floor Bay Window

    Hi All I am planning on insulating my 1st floor bay window using celotex or similar between the joints. I have removed the plaster and lathe, but now I have a question. The void between the joints drops down below the floorboard level, and seems to be a void until just above the ground floor...
  13. J

    Insulating skeiling with kingspan

    Hi there, I’m currently renting a mid-terrace house with some friends. The top floor consists of two attic rooms and a landing, which are all freezing. Both bedrooms have access to the eaves, and after crawling around inside, it turns out that most of it is uninsulated, apart from about 30mm of...
  14. G

    Cold garage conversion

    Just moved in to a 1950 build house and was hoping someone could give some advice. I’m a long time reader of the forum but this is my first post! I’ve started working on a room in the house which I believe used to be the garage - which has been converted into a room attached to the house at...
  15. R

    Insulating an old victorian Dormer

    I'm renovating our top bedroom and half the room is dormer style. I've no idea how to insulate this, could use some advice. The roof felt appears to be the old bitumen type. I'd obviously like the room to retain heat better but just as importantly, I want to reduce noise as we're on a main road...
  16. D

    Insulating Below Ceiling In Loft Conversion

    Made a video of insulating the ceiling below to stop heat rising from the bedrooms below and causing the loft to over heat in the summer and prevent the central heating in the summer sending all the heat to loft from the rooms below and allowing the TRV working at full efficienecy.
  17. StephenStephen

    How to insulate this weird space in loft?

    Hi all, We have a couple of cold bedrooms, the top half a metre of the walls have only plasterboard and lath and plaster between them and our cold loft. I can't work out how to insulate this section. Access is poor, lines are not straight, roof structure complicates things, diagram attached...