1. S

    Joining ring main in wall behind kitchen cupboards

    I removed our old kitchen cupboards yesterday and found the ring main has been joined using two choc blocks covered in insulating tape in an open cavity in the plaster behind one of the cupboards. What is the correct way to join those cables please? And can it be plastered / covered over or...
  2. cwhaley

    Skim Coat - Walls meet Ceiling

    I've battened out the walls in my extension and fixed boards to them with 2-3mm gaps. I'm pleased with the finish as they're all solid and level so I'm going to skim the walls. I have skimmed a few areas I dry-lined once (bay window and small storage room) and was happy with the results. I am...
  3. D

    What gap to allow between Aquapanel boards, for joint adhesive?

    What gap should I allow when cutting the boards, given that adhesive is being used instead of scrim etc. I gather the adhesive expands? Is this right? Or do I just butt them up tight after glueing, and get the screws in rapid?
  4. J

    Plasterboard ceiling with multifinish and mdf stair opening. can I joint them?

    I have to sort out a detail which seem very tricky. I have ceiling with multifinish which stops at the stair opening and then I have the stair opening itslef which need to be wrapped up with MDF to have a strong edge whcih carry over to the above flooring. I would like to have a seamless on...
  5. A

    Dismantle cast iron/lead socket joint

    I want to remove a swan neck fitting from the top of a cast iron soil stack which is about 4"/100 mm diameter. This piece attaches to the vertical stack with a lead-sealed socket joint (see sketch). How can I dismantle this joint? I don't want to damage any of the main vertical pipe, including...
  6. J

    Plastering existing wall, ceiling questions and doubts HELP!

    I found out that the ceilings on my first floor were renovated but the laths were kept and pins were used instead of screws. My first question. Is it worth to remove the old plasterboard attached to lath and replace with a fresh one and maybe just tape and joint or new plaster? Why the lats...
  7. D

    DPM on old car port base 5x4m

    I blocked up the old car port to convert it domestic use. It has a membrane under the conc slab but building control say I also need a dpm over the slab and slightly up each wall: makes sense I suppose, it'll have a plywood floor + engineered wood, on battens. What type of membrane do I need...
  8. eveares

    What sort of fitting is this?

    What sort of fitting is shown in my photo below and is it maintenance free in the sense that it can be buried behind plaster? It certainly does not look like your typical soldered joint or compression fitting. Mine also freely rotates. Fitting before radiator valve: Type of fitting? by eveares...