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    Cannot Lock Door of Suzuki Swift III 2006 With Key/Fob

    After a fairly normal drive, I found myself unable to lock my Suzuki Swift III 2006 with the fob and key. The central locking system works fine, but the fob does not work and even when I put the key into the door to lock manually, it does not work. I took the key apart, replaced the battery and...
  2. G

    Texecom 64w Key Proxy not activating keypad

    I've just started setting up this system, I've programmed a key prox to a user but the keypad only accepts it if I first wake the keypad up with a button press! Without the button press it doesn't know its there, even for disarming I First have to activate the keypad! I've had a Good search of...
  3. J

    Replace a yale cylinder on a UVPC door without key

    Hi, I got my internal porch door which I 'm unable to find the key anymore. The door is already unlocked but the cylinder won't come out as usually the pin inside keeps it stuck. On youtube, a guy snaps it on both sides but to be honest I'm worried to apply a lot of force as I will be damaging...
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    How can a fix a key fob?

    I had my 2002 seat ibiza for a while now. When I bought it, the key fob wasn't working. I had a few days off and some spare time, so I decided to change the battery of the fob. It is a simple procedure and so it turned out. I swapped the battery out and tried the fob on the car. The 'LOCK'...
  5. S

    Peugeot 206 cranks but won't start

    Its funny really, the car runs smooth every other time but when the weather (external temperature) is warm it starts to act up! cranks with no ignition. I leave it alone for a while (temperature drops) and then walla! starts like noting happened. I think the bsi is not recognizing the key...
  6. C

    Missing key for Victorian door mortice lock

    Hi, I'm missing the key for a mortice lock on a Victorian door which has a knob with rose etc. I removed the lock, it's very large and thick steel with some brass parts, could be original. I think the case is welded, any way to replace part of the inside to allow a replacement key to work...
  7. M

    Seat ibiza 2009 key wont lock or unlock remotely

    Hi I've got a problem with my key fob for seat ibiza 2009 sport 1.4 (2008-2017) wont lock or unlock remotely. Its a 3 button key, same as for VW. I only have one key and i can only lock and unlock manually. Has anyone got a procedure how to sync/ reprogram the key fob? Any help will be much...
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    Electric box key

    were in Bradford can I but a electric box key from have do I open it with out a key
  9. B

    Help - bottom locking French door bolt dropped..?

    I have attached pics (I hope) of our french doors that turn with a special key, seems to have fixed itself and dropped internally as the key no longer has any 'purchase' and we can't undo the lock, hence not being able to open our french doors?! I think this has just 'stuck' over time and over...