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    Can anyone tell me how I know what Pyronix Key Forb I have pls

    Hi, I keep buying batteries for me forb but none of them fit. I am starting to think there must be many different versions. However my forb doesn't have any distinguishing marks, even when I open the flap at the back to replace the battery. Are there different version? If so how do you...
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    Pyronix keyfob we problem

    Customer had alarm installed a few years ago. Never any problems with the keyfobs or alarm. Last service was about 6 months ago. Customer calls today to say that all his keyfobs (i think he has 3) now wont set the alarm but they can unset the alarm... Any ideas?
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    Remote key entry module Ford Focus

    Remote key entry Ford Focus 2007 5 door Ex police dog van Found out the car didn’t have a module reciever !! I’ve got working module of eBay, but still no joy, does anyone know it would need pairing or configuring to work with a remote key ?
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    Hi All newbie so go easy please I’ve got a focus estate 2007 ex police dog van, When bought car only came with standard key the car has central locking I got the a key smith to cut and code/programme a new key and fob but when he tried to sync to the car thru the usual sync method it wouldn’t...
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    Yale EF Alarm - arm and disarm by different methods?

    Hello I bought one of the standard Yale EF Alarm Kits (with a remote button keypad, not a digital one) and two key fobs. The alarm kit is this type - Is it the case that if I arm the...
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    Pyronix Zones - programming the entry routes

    Hi, I have the Enforcer panel, and have set the detectors as follows: Zone A - Downstairs detectors, inc front door entry/exit contact and Hall and Lounge PIR where I would cross to get to the panel B - Upstairs detectors C - Shed detectors I have set the front door input to 08 FX (Area ER)...
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    how to reprogram a Pyronix keyfob?

    Hi can anyone advise how to reprogram an existing Pyronix keyfob to a new Enforcer panel? The keyfob is one of the new type, rectangular (not square) with the four buttones one above the other. I've tried removing the battery to no avail. many thanks TT