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    Hive successful install - how to remove wall thermostat?

    I have successfully installed Hive as a replacement for EP2002 for my Kingfisher MF RSL 100. Unsure if it's going to be successful I just set old wall (wired) thermostat to highest setting. All is good for few weeks now and works great! Therefore I would like to remove my unused wall (wired)...
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    Problem with Potterton Kingfisher 2 and EP 2002 controller

    Hi all! Wondered if anyone had experience of this old relic from a bygone era?? I recently had the three port valve changed as well as the controller on this system. The old one was missing one of the sliders, plus the valve never seemed to open for heating, and the spindle sheared off when I...
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    Kingfisher Mf RSL 100 - not igniting

    I have Kingfisher Mf RSL 100 boiler which stopped to ignite and does so only on rear occasion. Once HW or CH is switched, motorised valves work, then fan starts, one click can be heard and that is it. It doesn't try to ignite again and fan will keep on working until HW and CH are switched...