Kingfisher Mf RSL 100 - not igniting

7 Oct 2016
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United Kingdom
I have Kingfisher Mf RSL 100 boiler which stopped to ignite and does so only on rear occasion.

Once HW or CH is switched, motorised valves work, then fan starts, one click can be heard and that is it.

It doesn't try to ignite again and fan will keep on working until HW and CH are switched off.

Should it try to ignite again automatically ?

If it ignites on rear occasion then it automatically switches itself of in normal cycle and ignites again after a while without a problem. Seems to have a problem only to ignite when it's cold.

I have replaced electrode however it didn't help.

I have cleaned around pilot light, using compressed air and brush, didn't make any difference.

Any ideas ?
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Thank you for your advice, do you have any technical ideas regarding the issue as well ?
This fault is common to this boiler you need an rgi to sort it
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@steve32 thank you for making it clear that it's a common issue and needs a professional. Can you also give me an indiction of reasonable price which I should pay for such repair ? Are any parts involved ? (I would like to limit the number of visits required).

Just on a side note, I have a very bad experience with plumbers in my life. Last time I had an issue with my boiler I had FOUR plumbers (corgi registered at that time) each stating different problem and giving me unjustifiably overpriced quotes for parts (that was in 2007). In the end I paid to travel from Reading to my house in Kent. Yes I have overpaid for this service, as I had to pay him for the travel and time. However I was happy with the service. It did turn out that the boiler needed just a good cleaning.

As it seems that most of you are from the trade, where would you recommend I look for a honest professional ?
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@mcmoby69 maybe you are technically qualified, however in my opinion you lack "soft skills". Compare your responses with @steve32 who stated two very important facts in very approachable way. I dread to call a tradesman due to a fact that a person with your attitude can arrive at my door.
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@Steelmasons prime example of attitude which people try to avoid. Can you bring something of merit to this discussion ?
You are entitled to your opinion, however my ' soft skills' are rationed towards my customers who ring me when they have a boiler problem. They don't start faffing about with things they know nothing about.
Personally I thought the word faffing was polite, I used it just in case you were a woman or were a tad sensitive, turns out it was the latter.

This is a forum not my customers doorstep. You aren't paying me any money so I'll say it how it is.
If one of my customers had been faffing about it would have been more polite.

It took four posts from yourself to say thankyou to Steve, as you seemed to have forgotten them in your first post, and, also the word please.

It would appear my 'soft skills ' are woefully obscured by your ignorant manners.
As you only joined the forum today it would appear that your forum manners require an upgrade.
Do you say please and thank you in real life? If so why not here?
@mcmoby69 please look up and notice that my first words in response to @steve32 include a "thank you". From your substantial response I understand that you have two faces, one for paying customers and another for everybody else. @steve32 it seems has a different approach towards all people and I do appreciate people people like him.

Once again thank you @steve32 for a concise response and different attitude to others.
Hey tedio , you won't get the answer you're looking for why not wrap this thread up and be gone.
Don't expect any change out of 600 notes for this repair..
Good luck and hopefully you won't get ripped off.

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